Minecraft 1.9 All About Shields Tutorial [Minecraft Myth Busting 90]

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Minecraft Myth Busting Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKi1ikLc2b_pi6EIGOCdF10d
In this episode of Minecraft Myth Busting we look at the shields added in the Minecraft 1.9 Combat update!

This episode was not possible without the help of Skylinerw!

Whats New In Minecraft 1.9.2

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kai bin chong says:

I have a myth busting for you!!!
Which is the elytra!!!!!! My question is:
Does sprinting while using an elytra effects the speed of fly?

Uioman Cannot says:

I'm pretty sure the adding a banner thing is a bug, and not a repair mechanic. Also it wasn't clear for the viewers that all items can be repaired with two of the same in your inventory, not just the shields.

Also I was looking forward to if the shield had enchants on it, what would happen. Like I know unbreaking worked in the snapshots, but will it have a chance to activate on each point or the whole thing. Could be interesting for a future video if it hasn't been done. If it has been done, well I'm blind

millette C says:

how about potions will sheild block them

Viindice :D says:

Can't block falling damage…Captain America should watch this video >_<

Ellis D. says:

myth/maybe mini myth: potion effects change the elytra, i.e. speed makes you fly faster

Cullen Hutchison says:

I can just imagine someone firing a bow point blank at someone who is blocking, then immediately switch back to a shield and blocks. Bouncing arrows back in forth throug the air!

Jon Doe says:

go watch episodes 24 and 23. That is when x's voice changes ;)

Geometry Dash j0yb0y says:


Chris Kelly says:

hey X, I was checking out your music blog, didn't see any modest mouse. you ever give them a listen? I've been big on them lately. The Albums "The Lonesome Crowded West", "The Moon and Antarctica" and "Good News or People who Love Bad News" are all good. Also, Siamese Dream not getting a 10/10… come onnnn, how much better does an album have to be?

The Gamer Freak says:

Can you deflect a snowball or a thrown chicken egg?

darkAwesome100 says:

There is one thing which you left off +xisumavoid
Shields and enchantments. Although shields cannot be put into an enchating table to recieve enchaments directly, if you combine them with a book at an anvil they can make use of thorns, unbreaking, and mending. The thorns effect only occurs if you are blocking when hit, and not just by having it equipped. Protection has no effect as far as I can tell, but amateur testing does not always give quality results.
Also, I was in creative mode the majority of the testing, so I am not sure if said enchants can be combined with the shield in survival, although they definitely do effect the shield when applied.

frognik79 says:

Hate the combat update, it has ruined minecraft for me.
Have you done a fishing myth busting?
With the auto fisher you could probably find out if the chances are better while it's raining/night/water visible to the sky/etc.

HeyItzRichy says:

If a skeleton with a flame bow hits a tnt and ignites it does the tnt have an owner or not? So would that be blockable?

darkAwesome100 says:

Dang it. I actually already recorded a video explaining shields as best I could, but I was sick and didn't like how it sounded. Guess I missed my chance.

TJ Todd says:

I am assuming an anvil cannot be blocked either…

Maximillian M. says:

Great Job, X, I've always enjoyed these, and this ones no different. I've learned a lot from these, and other series you do, like "Do You Know Minecraft?" You are one of my favorite Youtubers and I hope you continue to live a healthy life and continue these series.

Sly “Ascetic” Rocko says:

What about starving?

DarkStarRider 535 says:

Do arrows get stuck in the shield?

jonathanrisen says:

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VanderCraft says:

I don't know why but whenever I play egg wars my shield seems to hate me and not do anything 🙁 30 diamonds down the drain..

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