Minecraft – 10 Even More Secret Blocks

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More secret / glitchy / buggy / hidden blocks in Minecraft!


“Fence” portal – /setblock ~ ~ ~ portal 3
Invisible doors – /setblock ~ ~ ~ 64 (wood) & /setblock ~ ~ ~ 71 (iron)
“Broken” cocoa – /setblock ~ ~ ~ cocoa 15
Water & Lava – /setblock ~ ~ ~ water 0 & /setblock ~ ~ ~ lava 0 (change 0 to any number up to 15)
Cake – /setblock ~ ~ ~ cake 15
6-faced pistons – /setblock ~ ~ ~ piston 6 & /setblock ~ ~ ~ sticky_piston 6
Green “dead” bush – /give @a 31 1 3
Farmland – /give @a 60
Fire – /give @a 51
Half tall flowers – /setblock ~ ~ ~ 175 0 (change 0 to any number up to 15, try to avoid using 6-15 – they can crash your game)

Minecraft 1.7.10 was used, it might not work for other versions.

Check out the first 10 secret blocks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywa9x_5pfUg

Check out the 2nd part – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UU5WCM9RRo

Find your own secret blocks using this secret world generator – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAC7wcvN1MQ

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The Awsome Gamer says:

plz do another
Minecraft – 10 Secret Blocks
vid I really enjoy seeing what Mojang forgot to take out of Minecraft!

NiceMarkMC says:
Deli73 says:

You can fix the corrupted world by removing the block in MCEdit, I think.

HamsterFun302 says:

I love your videos<3 And your voice is relaxing and accent.(:

Emeraldshy says:

I read on the wiki that the green dead bush spawns natrually and rarely in
the desert

ThatOtherGuy says:

Hey… The half-rose-bush looks like a tomato plant! I bet that could be
used for maps :O

Snow Foxie says:

0.o my youtube glitched it says the video is 6:44 long! When it’s only 0:21…

Lucas A. says:

i’ve gotten all these blocks before.

Enderpatch says:

OMG none of these are secret!!!! there are 100000000000000000 websites with
the commands!

Kyledude252 says:

Is it just me or is this video still extremely blurry on 720p

okaygr_ce says:

Where are you from?
Your accent is adorable :)

Taylor Jenkins says:

/setblock ~ ~ ~ water 0 (—Don’t work in 1.8
/setblock ~ ~ ~ water 1-15 (—- WORKS!
(same with lava)

RidingOnPiggies says:

please do 4
/setblock ~ ~ ~ tallgrass
IT WOKS IN !>&>!) THAT MEANS 1.7.10!

TNTlover9 says:

Jeb, you fool! Some of these blocks are awesome, like the 6 sided piston!

Kakaknight says:

Love you dude!!!!!

Ps:you git an subscriber

Gohan The Sayian says:

NiceMarkMC How did u make a super flat world with quartz? if its quartz…
Cause I wanna know*

StrongAdel says:

Minecraft Cake Recipe:

2 Cracks
2 Slices of Cake Texture
1 Slice of Diamond Block
1 Ungrown Seed Pack

Cody Morris says:

some of them didnt work for me

Carlos Formozinho says:

Thanks NiceMarkMC

9waystreet says:

I wish they wouldn’t remove these blocks; they’re really cool!

Jan Hess says:

what happens when you try to open a corrupted world?

OTM. says:

make anouther for 1.8+

Taylor Jenkins says:

Ima look for secret blocks and post them here.

Jayman2800 says:

+Lucas A. You can’t get Supply crates naturally in minecraft…

damian9303 says:

Can you eat the cake?

Nathan Sauveur says:

why did you not show us the cheats?

Dragon Heart says:


vc2041 says:

What’s the code for the map layout?

trololol1221 says:

Whait… Inside the cake there is vines and diamonds? So that’s why it
tasted so bad

Alan Widlak says:

Do they all work in 1.8.1.?

ArcticFoxFTW l Playz says:

None of these work

MVGaming says:


lolmynameistolonglol says:

Farmland in 1.8 has a Missing texture block 

Ana, the Great Minecrafter says:

How many of these blocks are also in 1.8?

NOPEname says:

In 1.7.2 I tried to summon some invisible entities riding each others. But
my minecraft turned brown! There was no sound and I couldn’t do anything.
But minecraft didn’t crash! xD
As always: nice, Mark! ^^

The Awsome Gamer says:

the quality on the vid is weird I put it on 720p and it was still weird
graphics but I love ur vids.

Muffin Tek says:

/setblock ~ ~ ~ hay_block 15

only works on 1.7.10

MegaMinerd says:

There’s a secret mob too. Just summon a slime or magma cube with a size
greater than 128. The game will interpret this as being negative, and they
will be upside down.

Alexander Gonzalez says:

Looks like 175:2 was the bottom half of tall grass, and 175:3 was that of a
double fern. I think.

kh games says:

the water and lava still work

Geek_Kingdom says:

How about anvil 3? I discovered it while playing with heads and was too
lazy to change the 1 3 part of the command, so I just wrote /give @p anvil
1 3 and got an anvil with a missing texture and is absolutely MASSIVE in my
hand. When I placed it, my game did crash, but the only thing missing was
the block itself. AND it works in 1.8!

Fernando Galian says:

on 1.8 I CAN’T GET FIRE :C

Arsen -Minecraft Minigames! says:


Patricia Hambridge says:

Guys on xbox i have 10000000+ modz

Kingnestor Nova999 says:

what is the key that you used to get 64 fire from 1 fire?

Casey Wentz says:


carlos tongala says:

YOUr Awsome dude 

Erik Paavola says:

Did u know that some of the flowers u had r in 1.8.3 I have it :p

XTreme Productions says:

use an invisible door on top of a block with data values and every time you
open and close it thinks the bottom is a door and changes it’s value :)

asimo onyx says:

I can switch versions on MC Demo 1.0 – 1.8.1

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