Minecraft – 10 Secret Things That You Can Make in Minecraft! (PS3/4, Xbox, Wii U, Switch, PE, Java)

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Minecraft – 10 Secret Things That You Can Make in Minecraft!
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❓What’s up everybody, Skrausy or Sam here, and I hope you all are having a fantastic day! Today, I am back with a brand new video, and I will be showing you all 10 things that you can build in Minecraft!

*This video is kid / family friendly!
*No Cussing / Cursing / Swearing!
*Comment “#TeamSkrausy” if you are reading this!

This video is for Minecraft Better Together, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS VITA, Wii U, 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Pocket Edition, and PC / Java!


Skrausy says:

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Sajjad Sajjad Ali says:

Do u play on PS3

DeniseHughes_art says:

Amazing intro its one of my favorite songs

App app says:

Him:there we go yum Yum YUM

Lil pump cant rap says:

I use these slot thx dude

Gorilla Gaming says:

When he was spelling diamond play button it said populaurmmos

Toon Link says:

by hanging room i though you mean a litteral changing room.

angle lol says:

For diamond play button use a diamond. For gold play button us gold. And for silver play button use iron

Jade Hewitt says:

While these are some pretty neat builds, under what circumstances would you ever build any of these? While many of them "function" they don't do so realistically in the slightest. Combine this with the fact that many of them look very little like the things you are trying to emulate, and it's kinda a pointless video, even though you're fun to watch.

Benjamin Kennedy says:

Play button iron ingot gold ingot diamond

Wolf Master says:

Did you know this was published on my birthday

Zach Jonson says:

You did not upload on your other channel

Curtis Speratos says:

The banner looks like Mickey Mouse

BIGmix 606 says:

Nice video!

Brian McKenna says:

I know how to make a better play button!

1. Make I AWESOME video
2. Get a 1000000000000000000000000000000000000001 subs
3. Get the Diamond play button
4. Throw it at your minecraft screen.
Bam! you have made a diamond play button in minecraft! Your welcome!

thegamingdoge10 you tube Chanel says:

Love the video

Gamer Ghost says:

I followed you on Instagram twitter snapchat subbed to you turned on notofocations and liked the video

Twizzlo says:

#3 you could use a setblock command if you want to get fancy with the cotton candy (It places a block above the ‘cup’ instead of dropping an item)
EDIT: for the play buttons keep the item frame and hopper but just put an iron, gold, and diamond block behind it lol your play buttons look so ugly

Sandy Morado says:

👋 hay giess what chicken 🐔 butt JK This 😂😁😂😡😂🐶😂😂😂👆😡😡😡😁😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🐮🐯🐔🐯🐒🐔🎊🎁🎊 im coll XD

Gamer26xx Warlock says:

its mor good you make a banner play button

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