Minecraft : 5 Cool SECRET/Tips And Tricks (Ps3/Xbox360/PS4/XboxOne/WiiU)

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Minecraft : 5 Cool SECRETS/Tips And Tricks For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One and Minecraft Wii U. Not to forget Minecraft PS3. Minecraft PS4 and also Psvita if you guys play that!



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Logan paul fan says:

i can blow your house even its cover with water cause il put sand on top of the tnt then it activate it then the sand fall in the tnt and the tnt will blow up and destroy a block havent you know that Drewsmc

rage Dragon says:

Hi I subscribed

Kootranova1 says:

i've got a few things to say
1. if your're going to tell thousands of people useful stff about minecaft, eg tnt, do research. you don't start telling the trick and go "oh but I'm not sure, it might work though", that's not a trick or tip, that's a theory.
2. all these "tricks and tips" are pretty common knowledge, that's all that needs to be said 'bout that.
3. why the hell did you think that the creeper didn't destroy the land? the water?! it was standing on the grass! go to 2:25 and he literally scrolls over the unchecked :mob griefing.
why'd I spend time on this comment? I'm bored.

Reece Lejeune says:

I really like your videos

Muffins Hollands says:

I Love Your videos!!!!!!!!!

Laura Landells says:

I'VE sore a super charged creper

Kerry Pierpoint says:


Dragon Slayer52 says:

Hi Drewsmc I watch your vids a lot and really like them

JeffTheEnderDragon4501 says:

No offence i didn't learn any-thing
Sorry Drewsmc

boy hendriks says:

Kan i have one

tablet Gamer says:

Luv your vids drew

No Copyright Music says:

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You might have an extra 20,000 views on this video by the end of the week lol I'm serious, it helps get the ball rolling so give it a look 🙂

Josue Villafane says:

I made my charged creeper on accident

Logan Skills says:


Joshua Smalls-Coakley says:


tattooedjamie says:

I like you vids

Logan Skills says:

evenbetter trick is right before you hit the ground from any height pause and unpause da game but it needs to be ligit right before you hit tje ground

Reni Barthel says:

💝🎁 vidsyou

Dawn Faustino says:

i didnt learn anything! boooo

Axel YT says:

I subscribed

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