Minecraft 6 Mining Tips And Tricks You Might Not Use In Your World

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6 tips and tricks that you might not use when mining in your world.


A Noob Life with Liberty says:

Even with my gamma up high I still can barely see it dark.. 😢 I dnt know what im doing wrong

Topgamer 2005 says:

do you have any mining tips for when you start a new world? because that would help alot for me

LogieBear says:

Very helpful!

Magic Tux says:

thanks for the tips

Minecraft pe/console says:

i love your ideas

AVdoesThings says:

Nice tips! :3

Jamie Owen says:

Really good video and useful tricks as well, well done Tom!!

oisin oneill says:

I didn't know about the chorus fruit trick, cool thanks

Golden Playz says:

good video good tricks I will use the fruit and also good tricks for Minecraft miners :p

Oscar Gaming says:

I liked and good video m8

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