[Minecraft Animations] – Top 5 Minecraft Animations June 2016 – Funny Minecraft

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[Minecraft Animations] – Top 5 Minecraft Animations June 2016 – Funny Minecraft
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Welcome to the Top 5 best Minecraft funny animations ! We combined our favorite animations into about 15 minutes long video, so you better grab some popcorn!

In this video we combined the top 5 best Minecraft funny animations of june 2016 into about 15 minutes long video! This video contains everything from simple/funny Minecraft animations to sad, well written stories. You can find all these amazing Minecraft animations on the animators channels, linked below.
The animators put a lot of work into these animations, so be sure to check them out! We hope you enjoyed this video and if you did, be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more Minecraft animations!

► Animators:
• FrediSaalAnimations: https://goo.gl/dp2Uoz
• Blue Monkey: https://goo.gl/8RhQE0
• Element Animation: https://goo.gl/XyC5E5

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Kilian T says:

trop cool toutes les animations

Emmitt Richins says:

did anyone else notice that on #4 his eyes were normal and then turned blue again?

Neil Thompson says:

That emerald block was a boss

Jerico Villanueva says:

What a villager car and a villager helicopter!?!?!?!???

TheGamingS - Roblox & more!! says:

More like top 50

Irhamni Nadim says:

that villegar is like villeger news

KisoRawr #swag says:

Did anyone notice that the person in the mech suit was notch

Mayead Tube says:

stampy long nose?

kylevenzene lopez says:

d gggsvfyrjj

Nicky And Han Plays Nicky says:

U need the freaking the door open boi

Michelle Kirrane says:

love the vid

Monika Telicakova says:

blbosť výbuchu
vlaku nemohli

Jerico Villanueva says:

Wow that pit so embarrassing villagers

Samantha Castillo says:

Dada villager news

Weloveje ! says:

the fourth one was the best

7575 785 says:

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D3lta F0rce says:

1:17 Best pun out of this whole video XD

tay Vargo says:

this is stupid

tay Vargo says:

this is funny but stupid

Colin Wall says:

Well Optimus prime was in this ?

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