Minecraft Bergentrückung (Asgore’s Theme) 1.12 Noteblock Remix (1000 Subs Special!)

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Thank you all for 1k subs! Sense Megalovainia noteblocks was probably where all of you came from, I re-made Asgore’s theme!
Original Map (Download availabilty may varry): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmeeWyE-3IQ&t=15s
Download to this map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6h7txo5juufsxxm/Bergentr%C3%BCckung%201.12.zip?dl=0
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Intro/Outro Music: Angry Birds Dubstep Remix by David Orton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWQA7p0n0rs
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oblivious farm boy says:

It's like the Be in berry and then its ur as if you were saying bur like you were cold. and then gen and trucking part is fine.
And it ends up like BurgenTrucking.

Badger says:

Put on 0.75 speed.

King Nathan says:

Ber-Gen-True-Kung :3

Super Newtonbros says:

Play it at 0.75% to make put it at the right speed btw.

Alexander Jimenez says:

the song is too fast make it a little slower to get ot peefect

RealPro4Life says:

A lot of time could have been saved if he simply downloaded the schematic using world edit and imported it into the Minecraft Note Block Studio, where as of update 3.3.1, has all the 1.12 sounds, which you could edit the song and place the schematic in a new world.

Noob Is Awesome says:

Its a little fast but its fine

Gagoga G&A says:

cool! I an russian and i love your videos

Amando Ausa says:

???? oh yeah

Disgustedorito says:

nice i guess but what is that beard configuration

Charlotte Leeser says:

Spider Dance?

Julian Guerrero says:

Too fast paced

LanceCS says:

This is so amazing! I've never seen anything more impressive!

Terraria Minecraft says:

cool video dude I subbed and keep it up you will be a successful youtuber.

Tio Sans says:

i hate you . you is best than me i hate you

carlos olson says:

Good job on the video Nathan keep it up

Sans theskeleton says:

not bad but its fast

saadani brahim says:

im subscribe from your channel nathan

saadani brahim says:

i can belived 2000 subscribers every people was like you now

KoStEk says:


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