Minecraft – BEST ELYTRA LAUNCHER EVER [Sky Limit in 0 seconds] Tutorial – PS4 / Xbox / PS3 / Wii U

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Corey Bath says:

that is so cool!

Cynix Clan says:

Shout out my name pls I subed u and smashed the like button my name is Justin ung ?

Endercraft543 says:

you dont need boats or elytra you can use tnt and water

K1ng says:

Fed x gaming?

Kai Clelland says:

he has 3071 instead of 371… aight.

Infamousbot 101 says:

145the good vid

JohnYourFace11 says:

i was the first

IT'S A BOY says:

does it works on pe

Tommy Newbern says:

ok shout out to me

jacks games says:

im the 107 like

Cassius Myers says:

I love minecraft so I love Redstone is the best so I am

AidenWarrior13 says:

Im the 371st

Caden Wood says:

I was number 82 to like the vid

Caden Wood says:

You are so awesome Skippy

PaoloPlays says:

Does it work on MCPE?

Iyanet Bances-navarro says:

I was 19 to like

Jannsen Delacruz says:

skippy 6 gaming i gave you a friend request in ps4 my name is paolo1131

James Young says:

Sick. You've earned a sub.

Dalton Bell says:

Doesn't work anymore just broke my old elytra launcher for nothing thanks bud

meepy MC says:

elytra is pronounced e-lie-tra, not whatever you're saying

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