Minecraft Better Together: No coordinates!? Only with cheats activated!?

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Please watch: “Minecraft Better Together- Give Your Feedback To Microsoft!”

As of now the only way to figure out where you are, is to activate cheats! WTF? Am I crazy, or is that totally insane and a step backwards?

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ItsNateMate says:

It's because of the infinite worlds

Joe Galvin says:

What are the cheats

Jon Schwartz says:

I'm not liking a lot about this new mc

Belmont Bernard says:

Just upgrade to the "java" version lmao.

Richard Jones says:

I got money riding on the compass and map being held at the same time to give coordinates as a future update.

Jason Haws says:

Well mike updating my xbox one! Back to mining soon

TheRealTerik says:

I just saw your comment on skippys channel

Heltonator says:

Cheaters never win

xltel says:

Oh, I agree! I found your video when trying to find someone who had posted "how to find your coordinates". And they call this the "bedrock" edition. search for stuff about the bedrock edition and you find info about the bedrock block. I could go on there are so many things I hate about what Microsoft is doing with this.

Unleash 211 says:

Mike go watch ibxtoycat. His video channel describes a lot about the new update and he uses the same Windows 10 version that you're on. It's an hour and eight minutes Long. but you might like it. Please!!

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