Minecraft BETTER TOGETHER Update – Coordinates with no cheats! CAN HAPPEN!

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LINK – https://feedback.minecraft.net/forums/578101-minecraft-bedrock

EDIITING SOON NOT THE END OF MINECRAFT PLAYSTATION! (WATCH NOW) (Minecraft PS3, PS4, and PS VITA) – BETTER TOGETHER UPDATE! Welcome To my news on Minecraft Xbox / PE – TU57 / 1.3 – Minecraft Xbox BETTER TOGETHER UPDATE – RELEASE DATE ?! CONFIRMED? Affecting, BETTER TOGETHER UPDATE BETA, BEDROCK EDITION – Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One & Minecraft Nintendo Switch! As well as Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4 & Minecraft PS Vita, & Minecraft Wii U edition. I hope you all enjoy.

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Its already possible so far you just turn on cheats then turn on cords then for turn off chests and there it is

The13thPhantom says:

Why make a video on the reasons it sucks? Make a video on how to fix stuff like redstone my redstone hopper clock is broken how can I fix it to work on the BT.

Potato Potatowski says:


HorrorGaming says:

Hey Postboxpat I hate the new update they had so much potential and the through that away it should have been in alpha like you said Postboxpat I can't wait to see your review on the update and you know they never should have based it off pocket edition by the I like videos a lot so I hope you keep making them.

Dizzy Zealot says:

Yes please make the video

Miky Cick says:

For the coordinates in Minecraft better together it’s SIMPLE . I use this metod, in the command sections (the chat) I put /setworldspawn and the game say the COORDINATES…. 😉 can you put me a ❤️????

Spartans From Hell says:

4j ruined Minecraft with the update,sure command blocks are nice,but the feel of the game is terrible

yogamer RD says:

I am the 6👍

GamerJonathanPW says:

Feel free to make whatever video you want, I’ll do my very best to watch it 😉

GreatnessGamingFTW says:

More Fortnite please!

Precursor prowler says:

I’ve been playing minecraft on the disk version for 8 hours and I still don’t have the update it still costs 20$ what should I do?

GamerJonathanPW says:

#First! Loving your channel!

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