Minecraft CHEATS & HACKS?! Essential Utilities for Clever Players!

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TOOLBOX OF TRICKS! This amazing array of handy gadgets, “hacks” and tricks will give Steve a serious advantage! From physical upgrades to advanced on-screen data, there’s something for every player of Minecraft! The Chaps investigate!

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TO DOWNLOAD: Visit the Mods section at MinecraftForum! The topic name is [Forge] [v5.1.0a] Cheating Essentials – Cheat anything you want., by Kodehawa.


Andrew Burnham says:

I found a bug where you can duplicate your entire inventory on a server..

1. Have connection troubles with the server (a 15-30 second response time
will suffice). I am able to control this by pausing and unpausing large
torrents on a secondary computer.
2. DC from the server before you get a timeout error.

You now have however long your response time from step 1 was.
3. Connect to the server. If you are in time, you should be a second you
standing where you were.
4. KIll the second you. Your inventory at the time of DC will be dropped
on the floor.
5. Stop the connection issues and pick up your items.

Be careful, this is not foolproof.
-wolves and iron golems will be aggro’d by you attacking your clone. Do
not do this near them.
-The death message “PlayerX has been slain by PlayerX” will appear, there
will be two of you listed on who’s online, and there will be a second
“PlayerX has joined the game” without a “PlayerX has left the game”.
Server administration may become suspicious. Do not do this when they are
-If you are using torrent throttling as I have, be careful not to
accidentally torrent a virus.

MattT1996 says:

I think a NoClip command could come very handy, especially when you’re
building stuff. Might I suggest that for a future update? :3

Also, I must ask this. Why do so many people care about being “first?”
It’s not like you win anything, right?

GameandpetZERO MarxNOKOUT says:


Herobrine Persson says:

Sounds like GameChap’s sick. Get well soon, old chap!

BladeInTheLight says:

I may be first….. or not

Squrril Bro says:

If you want “cheats” it’s easier and better to get a proper hacked client
which is essentialy that but better i reccomend huzuni.

Dallas Grove says:

Italy vs Britain
sadly britain wins but Veneto’s Italy vs Britian ITALY WINS

Zeina107 says:

You might as well not play minecraft, if your gonna cheat, its easy as it
is on hard, hardcore is dumb lol, fuck looking where i jump xD, i always
jump in a hole thats way deeper then it seems and die and loose my hardcore
mode world

Sebastian Karlsson says:


Gabriel Hitchcock says:

Oh good hacked clients are back… They ruined pvp earlier in survival
games, etc

Cool2700 says:

Wow only 100 people watched

SupahBoshi320 says:

So it’s literally every griefing client out there

Sebastian Karlsson says:

press r for quick access flight and then f for night vision

James Fish says:

It seems to much like nodus to me but I’m not judging

dark slayer says:


nuggetman92 says:

sounds like gamechap is under the weather! get well soon i say!

RandomGamer152 / IndigoBin / Ohnothing says:

Spamth! I’m the Spamth comment! Congratulate me!
*reported for spam*

Jared Shananagins says:

how do I activate the CE Console menu?

Dr.German says:

Dont use hax Ladies and Gentleman stay Frosty 

Chrinolas ArchDruid says:

h and f3 or f3 and h enables advanced tooltips in the game without the
mod…I use it for durability all the time

Nate L says:

if you got a $1 for every time Bertie brakes a door, how much would you
make ?

Zeus215 says:

this is just like nodus or huzuni

corbin hatcher says:

Is it just me, or does gamechap not sound so “excited” in this vid.

luigi plays says:

does the vanish hack also on servers?

TheBossHogg99 says:

That razer keyboard though

yousay4gaming says:

Dirty berty

Timo Pomer says:

/banip chaps

leaflycan says:

new years pass oh ready

Starwarsrap1 says:

Game chap sounds abit sick… Hope he gets better soon.

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