Minecraft: Cruise Ship Mystery – Part 3 – Minecraft Adventure Map – 2Minecraft.com

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Minecraft cruise ship mystery is about a murder mystery taking place on the cruise ship!
Minecraft Cruise Ship Mystery, or Cruise Ship Down, is a Minecraft Adventure Map for Minecraft A great map based inside a cruise ship, you must solve a murder mystery and catch the criminal! So if you like Cruise Ships, a good mystery, and murder then this is the Minecraft Adventure Map for you!
Want to Play Cruise Ship Mystery/Cruise Ship Down for yourself? Download Here! ►
From the Mod Creator: This map takes place, as you might expect, on a luxurious Minecraft Cruise Ship. Everyone’s chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool and all partying like a whole bunch of fools on the cruise ship when suddenly there’s a MURDER! Dun dun duuun. So, you take it upon yourself to look for clues on the cruise ship across the entirety of the cruise ship (because you actually happen to be an undercover agent just posing as a rich guest on the ship), leading to a Minecraft Cruise Ship Mystery Adventure that inevitably ends with a bang. Well, lots of bangs. And lots of water, too. The Cruise Ship starts to sink.


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