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A guide to some of the best ways to fly the elytra For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One & Minecraft Wii U! As well as Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4 & Minecraft PS Vita

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– Recorded With an Elgato HD60:
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Rainbow Slurpies says:

you're #29 on the leaderboards?

João Figueiredo says:

Why do you say "eleetra" instead of elytra?

MrMeowMeowz says:

Toycat, you may know this, but there is a way to get the dragon head without getting all the heads. You need the Elytra to do it however, so you need to go down to the old lobby, and go to the place where the chest is, then you need to go to the door on the LEFT this is super important, if you climb up on the dirt cluster, you'll notice a 1 block space between them, use the crawl glitch to get in that. Then you can walk on the door and get inside

Jonathan Barriero says:

ToyCat can you please slow down when you talk?

MC Dimension says:

on the last bit try going bottom left to bottom right

Total Blue says:

I can't be the only one who moves when I tern while yousing the elytra

GalaxyRaven says:

My fastest time in Glide is 1:30 and my highest score is 123.

super jedi player says:

i once got the battle spectator mode in glide after finishing the race, idk why sometimes it's normal and sometimes it's follow.

OZKORAPPA 500 says:

lost woods!!!!

Spensergotswag says:

I normally get 1:27 but then your getting 1:12 without any problems I hope one day somebody will complete it under 1minute

JumpierChief 390 says:

I knew this yay

butternugget 101 says:

ibxtoycat wont reply ?

Devil Cupcake Webb says:

can I add u as a Freind? Im Choclate Cake8 P.S Grass

Matthew Conley says:

can you please send me friend request mine is Blaze Dude 7475

Lee Taylor says:

There are different types of boosters, if you check the how to play.

Lee Taylor says:

I face down and go fast during the first turn

Gilliam Logan says:

2:20 you jerked the controls sharply upwards right at the end. your speed was in the 30s right before that, and had you made the turn there would have been no need to go upwards anyway, and then the next test has an inflated speed because of how sharply you drop at the end. making the turn while pulling up out of that drop would slow you down again.

Appointed Juggies says:

taking the shortcut near the end makes u lose a lot of speed I'm in the top 200 and I've known most shortcuts than you toycat (IBMxNeptune)

GamerCraft1324 says:

have you noticed theres orange boostes ans yellow boostes

Cirafisi Productions says:

I miss the toycat that wouldn't make all of his videos about elytras…

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