Minecraft – EPIC Fire Dragon Tower Transformation!

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Minecraft – EPIC Fire Dragon Tower Transformation!

Finnally back with another epic transformation video, back on the Pimp My Build series with an incredible fire dragon style tower by MinsterLagster101

I hope you enjoyed the video & possibly got some build tips & ideas for your next project! SEND THEM IN! =]

You can send your creations and apply for the series using the old email: Jeracraft-Minecraft@hotmail.com

Sorry for the 3-4 Weeks I’ve been away! But I’m back!

A new list of ideas ready and waiting to be built so stay tuned! =D


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Jennell Hickam says:

Captured My Heart with the dragon. Absolutely incredible. Are you doing anything with the new windows version yet? I have a creation I would love for you to check out and add epic awesomeness to.

Rosalio Rojas says:

Fix the toutrial map

rosa deanda says:

Build a lost City in the sky

PierreAlexisLachance says:

I don't know how to describe this guy…

Aiden Tuttle says:

To bad my minecraft crashes so much

Dark Dragonboy says:

Why don't you ever try build Mount Olympus with custom clouds, a huge temple, statue and a palace? that's my suggestion

Unfinished Userna says:

Jeracraft should be a member of the Hermitcraft server!! Like if you agree

SYPHO says:

wow that looks awesome

Denven15 says:

I love it how you use the World of Warcraft sounds like this one with DeadWing 😀

illesmateorion says:

Make a pool

Poseidon The Earthshaker says:

Hold my beer.

JDLgamerNL says:

Thats Some skyrim sh*t

Xul'gehn Dravein says:

I cannot place the Zone Music you have playing… I love the song but cannot remember the Zone it plays in in WoW.

Lorenz wächtler says:

Just wanted to say that have builded your medival builds, multiple times, and I love them

Into a city… three times!
(1 2016 . I changed machine PS3-PS4, a city for my own story
2017 2. Tried again this time it took longer, but still same city and story, but sometime 7 months later, something stupid happened and the hole world got corrupted..
2017. Now, trying again and I hope you make more of the builds because I loved them, and I have build them few times now

Timur Kotulic says:

Build a Tower of Babylon

Dubbel's Videos says:

The people who disliked are just jealous they can't build as good, CONGRATZ U GOT ANOTHER SUB THO

Becca Swan says:

What's the song at 0:02

Sada Easy says:

please build lion's arch from Guild wars 2 🙂

Dustan Ramsay says:

Amazing as always but I think it would have been cooler having a dragon graveyard in the cavern below the tower yknow? Idk how you would even start something like that

TheRed says:

This is lit AF

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