Minecraft – EPIC Island Build Timelapse

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READ THIS BEFORE ASKING! This is a 5 hour build on an island for Will on my server! Quite a lot of work went into this so enjoy!
DOWNLOAD LINK! – http://adf.ly/1948536/wills-island
Music – This is Berk – How to Train you Dragon OST – What you’re looking for?!
Used Screenflow for Mac, and Adobe After Effects!
DROP_DEAD_FTW (Smily face guy) – Will
MrSubliminal (Badger) – Me/Alex
SithCub (Giant Zombie, Camera Creeper) – Jonny


Detective98 says:

Love the how to train your dragon music

Folke Johansson says:

Guys sorry but this is the truth, it looked bad

JaWarts says:

its not epic, this are basic builds to be honest… but you’ve did some
good effort with you’re friends

Bartek krekora says:

eeeeeppppiiiccccc :D

Anne Cotter says:

Lol the Random Giant.

armando morino says:

As soon as the music started I though in my head “Ooop, yay HTTYD music!

Rench Bacerra says:

WOW EPIC Island Bro! :)!

devin dream dust says:

for 5 hours thats kinda crap :/

Omar Marnissi says:

how to install the world plz how??????????????????,

Leviathan says:

lmao the creeper then the mutant zombie xD

Nightmare_Gaming says:


ElectricCraft - Minecraft, Roblox and more! says:

nice music :)

TFWgamingNetwork says:

get some better music

Samuel Feeger says:

loved it

Max Florence says:

Can I use some help? On minecraft, whenever I press ‘0’ on my keyboard the
twitch streaming screen comes up (usually F6), I don’t know what the
problem is and i would really appreciate if it someone could help me

Ferrero Sparklz says:

Refreshing choice of music!

Marcel Brunmayr says:


Mine Gamig says:

the second soundtrack isfrom dragons Rider of berk wooow

Travek Maxwell says:

lol the creeper ;p

jorden SPITTLE says:

1:39 them cows spawning

kaine mardlin says:

Hi, I’m building an Minecraft Xbox 360 island kingdom my gamer tag is:

Ebyn Girling says:

this makes you sound like a disney fanboy

Nastasja Taueki-rogers says:

That was blimmen amazing, and the music was perfect for it :)

Jeanette Elecx says:

The second that soundtrack started I was like “This person knows the

ggggcx says:

Where’d the giant zombie come from?!

SmultringKick says:

Still i think this is the best timelapse ever!

ItsMe Jack says:

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Mike says:

This isent epic not enogh details it might look more better if thise 2
houses werent the same I have to sat this build sucks

Addicted4Gaming says:


diddyden1 says:

Really Nice.

KickstartGaming100 says:

what the giant zombie?

Sittin'Sidewayz says:

u se they had to use tools to breake things and they had to use the fly mod
that was back in the days 😛 u see the player is not flying like they would
do in creative

Zombieblaster_70 says:

what is the sever ip address plzzz tell me im a good builder

MCtamahawker says:

Join BossCraft! Survival Pvp Ranks AntiCheat AntiGrief
Rollback SurvivalGames Great staff

Jared In a box says:

i just like to watch this over and over again…

Asta Keraitienė says:

Its very ugly

NippyCo says:

The Internet – Where everyone has OCD.

991mrmoney991 says:

Do you even know what timelaspe is?

Gabrielle N. says:

What’s the seed?

iFourierXD says:

26.08.2011 beta 1.7 – 1.8 I guess.

Anatoly Zaitsev says:

simple to simple?

snoepautomaat64 says:

Looks like Jeb stole your style for the minecraft villager towns

Millie's Channel says:

Thmbies up for the creeper running around!!!

Drew Pecan says:

Hey guys check out my Channel for my new Minecraft Adventure Series!!!

KingMax05 says:

they may have cut some scenes

SubliminalGenius says:

Nope, you must be thinking of someone else! 😛

SubliminalGenius says:

Dude, I remember sitting in front of my computer editing it. I’m pretty
sure I didn’t steal it…

SubliminalGenius says:

Maybe it did…

CoryDeBoss says:

pretty good could have been bigger but who am i to judge

FtR Enigma says:

I think it’s awesome man. 🙂 And love the music you used 😀

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