Minecraft: Evil X Boss Fight

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In this video i show off my fantastic fighting skill and preform a flawless victory on my nemesis Evil X.

Evil X Boss Fight was made by Pollieboy & Vilder50

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bg6b7bft says:

Would it be against the rules to build up some beacons down there?

Birdstar says:

That was fun to see lol

Josip Matić says:

Why you did not run away with enderperl?

ThePrismarineScientist says:

But Evil X seems like such a nice guy!

Eraxa123 says:

How do you get to his server?

Will Slyfield says:

Wouldn't splash potions of healing be the solution, since they'd hurt the mob but heal you?

Evil Xisuma says:

Guess what…

I'm not dead. Surprise!

Philippe Paré says:

1:49 cheaty enchants?

Mattheas Braspenning Pede says:

this ain't episode 666

Maxxik CZ says:

Didnt you know, that poison heals zombies?

Venonymous says:

hey everyone its my bday today and i want to get to 125 subs and im 4 subs away from it please sub! 😀

Tanuj Gaikwad says:

+xisumavoid How do I get on the official xisumavoid discord. FYI I don't play MC on my computer.

William JG says:

Turn on captions and go to 2:46

KnicksFanSincePhilJacksonWasFired says:

X add the boss fight to hermitcraft so hermits can get the head too…combine it somehow with episode 666

Lennart Meinke says:

If evil x can't teleport outside the arena, you could just shoot at him with arrows while staying on the top, out of his reach

Adam Davenport says:

Evil X: Stop killing yourself! Stop killing yourself!
Xisuma: YOU'RE killing me, you derp!

Winterfalke says:

I believe that's what they call a "raid boss". Bring friends.

Lil' Elf says:

We all knew this day was coming…


Acheron River says:

f3 + T reload resource packs

Spangle says:

D: If you had made him not teleport to the top, then he would not have destroyed everything valuable that I own with his demon fire of doom. I demand a refund! I think he is harder than the wither, he is relentless.

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