Minecraft FACTIONS Server Lets Play – GOD RAID WITH GODSQUAD – Ep. 419 ( Minecraft Faction )

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Minecraft Factions Server Let’s Play Ep 419 – Minecraft Factions is a gamemode where you must learn how to team up with friends and create your very own group or ” Faction ” and as a team, you attempt to raid and take down other faction groups on your quest to becoming the strongest and richest players on the server. Join TheCampingRusher, ChildDolphin, Rumblecrumble and MrMitch361 on TheArchon Server as we learn how to raid, kill, and be successful in this gamemode!

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StitchYT says:

This ep is so good Specially with the Stitch guy in it, Like if you agree

Commandcraft Anton Koenig says:

Rusher, I find it a little irritating that you don’t address comments about
insanity. I know it is a random time to say this, but it is still
important. I’m not saying insanity hacks, but is it a coincidence that he
never records during his pvp fights? And he is really good at pvp, and he
is brothers with dfield. I mean, I saw so many comments about him, I
unsubscribed to him and mark. I think you need to at least reply to those
comments and prove he does not hack. I’m giving insanity the benefit of the
doubt, but that benefit won’t last much longer.

Katelyn Rencich says:

Im wondering is GodSquad and TeamNudist will ever be truthful allies is the
future.. hmm something to think about..
I have exams tomarrow but i will still tune in for factions at 7pm/eastern

Stuntman101NK says:

Who’s hoping for school to be snowed out?

OralPlaysMC says:


-Ya Boy Oral

Vex says:

Rusher I have one question for you, why do you not respond to all the
comments saying Insanity hacks? Mitch knows this but won’t say anything.
Cmon Rusher be a man, just because Dfield is his brother and your friend
doesn’t mean you shouldn’t discuss this with the other owners. Do whats
right Rusher, and BAN Insanity! 

Spoon Fork says:

Awesome. It will be cool to see GodSquad as a new image, other than just an
enemy. Also, I think that their are some other factions that are on the OP
side, that actually haven’t really chosen a side. For instance, Rome and
Starfall. After the “fight,” Rome and Starfall disappeared off of your
series. It would be cool if a faction rose up to make an empire that wasn’t
on TeamNudist or Aurora’s side. 

Sasha8u says:

Rusher I remember the good old days when you played on green and so did
stitch and dfield! The good old days! Let’s see em come back! Imagine all
the big youtubers back together on their home server! Like if u agree

SpideyPlayz | MCPE & Fifa + Tutorials says:

Dark Union and wolfpack seem shaky, but I can see them teaming up to
attempt taking out TN. 3v3= Godsquad, TeamStitch, TeamNudist vs Aurora,
Dark Union, and Wolfpack. That’s my opinion on the war, so there’s no need
to hate on what I think. Feel free to leave your opinions below!

Hobo Joe says:

Rush I faked being sick to stay at home and catch up on watching your
factions series
Like if you agree That Rusher Is more important then school =D
Keep up the good work

Steven Vorona says:

You should consider becoming closer with my faction, Trinity OG. We just
hit 100 members, our entire faction is comprised of Raiders. We will be
rich quick, don’t mistake. But don’t mess with us either. You will be sorry
if you and your faction pulls something dumb.

LPSandie says:

I don’t trust stitch… Member the video he was in, and got a raid for TN.
He gasped and was like its unclaimed. That was the fakest gasp EVER. He’s
going to be the inside source for Aurora. They kicked him from Aurora but
he is going to rip TN and throw you guys at the bottom of the list, listen
to me Team nudist, DONT. TRUST. STITCH!!! He’s betrayed before, and he’s
gonna do it again….
Best of luck

shan skyline says:

Rusher nice war but be careful that god squad doesn’t betray you. I since
something fishy because why would they accept u so fast and Didn’t say
anything about it? just keep a eye out

steven whitehead says:

Hi rusher, hope Ur doing good. I got good news today :D. Aurora, they will
be crushed, no denying it… Bens gone, auroras gone. No disrespect to
other aurora members but BenNumbers is the only power player I see. And I
also think he could leave. Then what would they have , who would they have,
nothing! There members will flee rapidly to join other big factions. But
all of this depends on TEAMNUDIST keeping on raiding them…. So your
choice… Raid and let them fall one by one. Or leave them to get stronger
and get u on the surprise attack, the choice is yours rusher.. You decide

Camron Short says:

Rusher,Infamous is rising and we will kill all,we are ruthless and
reckless.We want a ally how about you?

Scars - Kohi says:

13:53 spawning in some pots ay?

Amie Willow says:

Hi guys, I know most of you hate self-advertising, so sorry in advance! Its
really the only way to get your name out there :(. Anyway, I would love it
if you could check me out and give me some constructive feedback! It would
mean a lot to me 🙂 

Arnar Gylfi says:

For anyone saying that insanity doesnt hack look up insanity818 hacking and
click the first vid and for anyone telling rusher to ban him. He doesnt
deal with bans… he has got nearly nothing to do with the server.. mods or
admins deal with that..

MC_Bros says:

What’s 9 + 10? No unbroken allyship? I didn’t see them in your ally
list…. Rusher be warned and beware UnBroken will absolutly DESTROY the
Goliath V3

butthole john says:


Elmer Ramirez says:

The reason i had to tped Allies in was because our main good pvpers were
off XD

Sam Armes says:

Rusher you havnt allied Stitch Do /f who TeamStitch you are neutral! 

Devon.Gaur says:

Keep a close eye on GodSquad. 

KulzahhYT! says:

You think Aurora is weak now that ben is banned. You couldnt be more wrong
were actually stronger than ever. Just wait and see

HashTag-Clan says:

Am I the only one that notice when Brayden said Boom! were allied with
GodSquad Mitch Was like there it is lol

NeonsTNT says:

Im gonna predict the future, Team Nudist shall attack Wolf Pack / Dark
Union Empire , then Wolf Pack Shall Strike back and TeamNudist shall
Crumble, beware of your closest members , as you attack thy Enemy, someone
shall be insided… Watch out with who is f mod Nudist, watch out…

Josh Wilkes says:

Alert to Team_Nudist you have an insider which may or may not be from an
allied clan(god squad) we will obliterate you from the inside prepare to
fall…Your War victory means nothing.You simply got lucky.Prepare to fall

Matthew Brown says:

GodSquad mah main boyZ

Nemi Gandhi says:

Let’s all take a moment here and remember the 3Musketeers <3. Those good
old days :'). 

Jeylani blob says:

Ally the new power faction evolved i am in it and if you dont we will have
to take you down for the count we have made it to the 2nd page of f list
have a nice

jovan hayes says:

My heart was filled with joy when I saw Strafexes name

Like if yours did!

Dylan Patel says:

Look at rob, thinking he’s better than tn

O.M.A Studios Productions says:

Super Video – hab gleich mal ein Abo dagelassen 🙂
Lust auf Minecraft Animationen?
Dann schau doch mal auf meinem Kanal vorbei 🙂

Brian Wingard says:

If u guys don’t know… The name they were talking about in the beginning
was : uralsex

JustPvP Yo says:

Brayden i think u lost 33 creeper eggz…

Elmer Ramirez says:

YOU RAIDED US !!! We Momentum will Demolish you now

Tim Hooper says:

I lurk but dont fight. I raid u while u sleep I rise from the shadows ive
gone solo…. Fear Me Tcr

Billy Brewer says:

Is this factions purple because I bought a challenger rank and I’m so
confused is challenger rank part of cyan ?

MsMela30 says:

I remember ginkle

Sara Chiguer says:

What is Oral’s full name? Lel

Brevyn Johnson says:

Rusher! Seriously watch you’re back godsquad cant be trusted I’m not
kidding they have plans to take you down just like you did aurora please
listen to me and team nudist will be safe I PROMISE YOU THAT but You have
to listen to me dont trust them or anyone else thi gs are churning and i
can tell its not good!!

Luna Envy says:

Anyone want to join my faction?

Blazing Diamond says:

Hey guys! I would love it if you could check out my YouTube channel! I post
funny and good to watch content. I know I will get hate for this but I feel
like there is no other way to get noticed. Thanks anyway! Please subscribe
to be an amazing Diamond!

Doctor J says:

I 3-0d oral on kohi

Safwaan ahmed says:

Rob thinks hes good. He can hardly strafe < , <

EmpoleoNPlayz Pokemon & Minecraft says:

Rusher was that cheating
you attacked eagle eye and tpped out 

Demonhunter124 says:

Dude the guy in momentum said it was already raided in chat u idiot

Aron Davies says:

I wait until 12 pm GB time to watch this! Love this series! <3 

Kavanaugh Helenberger says:

Ggg 1 one rusher u beast u changed u ust to be nice about blowing up bases
now u aren’t said

ItzJostHD NWA says:

Rusher one of the reason you get so many good raids is only bc ur the owner
and if you were a player you would see that its not that easy so thats half
the reason ppl betray and give u good raids 

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