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Minecraft Funny Moments – Cribs – 2Minecraft.com

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Minecraft Funny Moments

Minecraft Funny Moments

Skeletons drop bones, and pigs drop pork chops. What do zombies drop?    “Minecraft Funny Moments” FAQS
Rotten flesh. Feathers can be used for making arrows. Also, creepers drop sulphur, cows drop leather, and sheep drop wool.

What is the name of the alternate world to which you can travel?    “Minecraft Funny Moments” FAQS
The Nether. You can form a portal to The Nether by forming a 5×4 frame of obsidian, and lighting the inside with Flint and Steel. The Nether has a couple new blocks only found there: Netherrack, Glowstone, and Soul Sand.

How many blocks of iron ore does it take to make one iron ingot?    “Minecraft Funny Moments” FAQS
One. Iron is one of the most useful items in the game. It can make buckets, armor, tools, weapons, minecarts, etc.

What is formed when water meets lava?    “Minecraft Funny Moments” FAQS
Obsidian and Cobblestone. Obsidian is formed when water meets still lava. Cobblestone is formed with falling lava.

What must you use to collect water and lava?    “Minecraft Funny Moments” FAQS
Bucket. Only still lava can be collected. Water from the ocean, or from a natural spring can be collected.

Which two blocks are affected by gravity?    “Minecraft Funny Moments” FAQS
Sand and Gravel. This is why you should never dig up, because sand or gravel could suffocate you. Neither dirt nor wood obey the laws of gravity.

Which tool must you use to mine stone and ores?    “Minecraft Funny Moments” FAQS
Pickaxe. Shovels are used for dirt, gravel and sand. Hoes are used for tilling dirt for farming. Axes are used for wood.

How do you make a large chest?    “Minecraft Funny Moments” FAQS
Place two chests next to each other. Chests are very useful for storage, and only take eight wooden planks. A large chest is twice the size of a small chest, and helps with organization.

What is the creator Notch’s real name?    Minecraft – “Minecraft Funny Moments” FAQS
Markus Persson. Markus Persson or just ‘Notch’ founded Mojang after he created “Minecraft”. “Minecraft” was created from an open-source game named “Infinimer” in 2009.


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