Minecraft Hack 1.10 + 1.9 – Matix Client (Optifine) (Download)

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▼ Download Matix 1.10.x: ▼ Download Matix 1.9.x:

▼ Download Matix 1.8.x:

• To open the GUI press Right Shift
• To get help use “#help” in the Minecraft chat
• If you want to change any keys, type “#key gui” into the chat
• More info about the Matix client: https://paxii.de/Matix/docs/

✔ How to install any Minecraft hack client:
Link: https://youtu.be/mABW7dVvRHY

♫ Song: Andrew Applepie – I’m So
Link: https://soundcloud.com/andrewapplepie…

“The Matix client is made by Paxi and features some advanced settings and mods.Optifine is included to ensure optimal performance.”

★ All Mods:

• AntiFall – Prevents fall damage
• AutoFish – Automatically catch fish and rethrow rod
• AutoMine – Automatically mine blocks
• AutoTool – Always use the best tool when breaking blocks
• Blink – Suspends all motion updates while enabled. Can be used for teleportation, instantly picking up items and more
• ClickAimbot – Aims at a target when you click
• Criticals – Only land critical hits
• Dolphin – Automatically keeps you swimming
• FastPlace – Removes placing delay
• Fly – Allows you to fly. Speed adjustable
• Fullbright – Lights up the world
• Healthtags – Show other players health
• KillAura – Automatically attack close enemies
• MobESP – Draws a box around mobs and animals
• NoItemSlowDown – Disables the slow from items
• Nuker – Destroys all blocks around you when clicking
• Panic – Turns off all mods
• PlayerESP – Draws a box around players
• Projectiles – See where your arrows are going to land
• RoationDerp – Rotates around like a crazy person
• SafeWalk – Prevents you from falling off blocks
• SkinDerp – Makes your skin blink. Requires a skin with a jacket, hat etc.
• Sprint – Always sprint
• Step – Makes you step up full blocks
• TriggerBot – Automatically attacks the entity you’re looking at
• VanillaFly – Fly that only works in vanilla mode
• Velocity – Handles the knockback force
• Wallhack – See entities through walls
• WorldEditESP – See selected blocks in WorldEdit
• Xray – See things underground


Sonyamae Horner says:

get the hearts on your screen in Minecraft 1.10.2

Sonyamae Horner says:

how to get the hack in Minecraft 1.10.2

ggof 2626 says:


ByCaos YT says:

do you have this hack for 1.8x ? please told me a.s.a.p (whit optifine)

Henk Jansen says:



querido amigo pudes darme el link para el 1.8 porfa

Guðjón Fannar Jóhannsson says:

brightness is not even a good hack you can just turn on gama

Texsoscz says:

not working

A7mdplayz says:

dude your editing is so good

Kill Gameraz says:

laik zhy erehs spaniol xd :v ke pro mi escritura mainkraftiana

Pierre MeneS_ says:

How to rebind gui ?

Trí Phan says:

Auto Mine dont working :<

Tho Real Pheaxify says:

How do I open the menu

Zaid GameZ says:

how does kill aura work if it's for 1.9?

AlexTV says:

How to open hack menu?

Ob _ vi says:

whats worldeditesp

IsolatedMelody AJ says:

can it pass anticheat.

BadRubix MC says:

how to change key gui

TheDiamond Overload says:

how do you use things like vclip?

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