Minecraft Hacked Client [Floon b9.3] [1.8.9] [OPTIFINE / FREE DOWNLOAD] 2017

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KILLAURA NICCCCCCEEEEEEEE AND NCP FLY BYPASS :O. sorry for the weird resolution xD I was using my brother’s computer which is 1650×1050 res. Enjoy!
➤Server IP:
➥ skywars.com + mineplex

➤Download Floon b9.3:
Open Gui: RSHIFT

Setbind: .bind [module] [key]
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➤ TODAY’S ALT (thanks to SuperAlts): j.letoullec@sfr.fr:gaelle974

➤ DONATE: https://www.paypal.me/OmegafluffyDonations


➤ MY DISCORD: https://discord.gg/y5Z9K84

➤ VISIT MY NEW WEBSITE: http://omegafluffy.bitballon.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omegafluffy/

YouTubers Involved:

TallishJam: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSMkuzOrwnZXNmdLHKkdusw

xWrnalp13_: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTZFLIa1ksO-8gKbaTqUHIg


Winger PVP says:

Who made your intro?

Muncune says:

Niceeee intro

MeMoReX says:

Please name resourcepacks?

Axrite says:

i keep getting crashiing

Menon Playz says:

MAC is so bad xD
Which was the first server u played on in the video?

Tomasz Podjacki says:

uu nice

ϟL33T_H4X0Rϟ says:

good client ?

aarya meme says:

lol log on ihaq's servr and try ncp fly lmao click bate

Hexa Gaming says:

Been subscribing you since you are on 800 subscribers you are going good! Keep up good work and roadto5k 🙂

master pro99 master says:


master pro99 master says:

I love video omegafluffy 😀

S.A. RAMKY says:

What is the best client for this server called jartex network?? It's anti cheat detects flux sigma akrien eazy and more clients recommend me one tht actually works in bed wars?

XxJairusPlayzxX - MCPE says:

Wow its killaura is powerful

Rafli MC_ says:

What The IP?

YoungViking says:

Face Reveal At Five Thousand?

SparklePlays says:

That vanilla flight seems OP on mineplex

ByXentrax says:

Thx for this leak. Its a very nice bypass for ncp and old aac1.9.10. The fly is also realy nice bypass for ncp and old aac and anc and sow on

xModgamer917 YT says:

Good leaking vid <3

LeaHy Go says:

Server name

Jacob Krackovitch says:

Your website doesn't work…

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