Minecraft HEAVEN PARKOUR CHALLENGE! (Cheat Spot, Rainbow Jumps, Speed) w/PrestonPlayz

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● Void Parkour Challenge! – https://youtu.be/c6z2RZGqoOo
● Click to never miss a video – http://bitly.com/PrestonPlayz
Checkout the map! (Tell them Preston sent you)
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Retarded Unicorn 2017 says:

Can I get a like? Me and my brother finished creating a parkour map of the nether and when you miss one landing, you fall in the lava and start over. We're working on one for heaven tomorrow!

how to Jenniges says:

Preston I am making a parkor map for you

Lanz Caliao says:

you're so good at parkour

Annika Playz says:

@Panda_Gaming just search it in the youtube, just search Prestonplayz texture pack

Elliot Sam Depasucat says:

Man that was the biggest derpy intro made by preston

Riggie zzstu Lin says:

The intro mate???

Carter Holaday says:

I thought the about a week ago

Me'l Official says:

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Minecraft HEAVEN PARKOUR CHALLENGE! (Cheat Spot, Rainbow Jumps, Speed) w/PrestonPlayz

Annika Fredborg says:

I now every body says this but you are an awesome you tuber

Walfox says:

What happend to the music Preston?

shue vue says:

On the first try you didn't see the shortcut. LOL

Craig Hamm says:

First run score is literally double the map creators score xD

Bethany Dzoba says:

Preston, you dirty, dirty, dirty cactus!!! You forgot about Kenny, Choco, and Pete! What about the real pack?!? If you don't get it yet….. DONT FORGET PEOPLE FROM THE PACK!! BEING A. DIRTY CACTUS IS NOT GOOD!!! (Kobe…)

Adan Rosas says:

Preston you sick at pocor.??????

cocokittenkid says:

This is my challenge for you I have to get 20 replys saying hi before September 30 good luck

Sara says:

At 8:14 I laughed then died ???????????

PDAF-8 says:

8:14 Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…!!!!!!

Annika Anderson says:

you are the best

Vegeta Uchiha says:

LoL he Fell down when he started

Seim Yonatan says:

As you say can't stop won't stop, you stop.

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