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Baby Max & the Little Club adventures – Minecraft – HOW TO BECOME IT THE CLOWN – POOR BABY DUCK

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Hi Guys

It’s Baby Max from the Little Club! Hope you enjoy my kid-friendly funny Minecraft kids roleplay / gameplay showcase gaming and challenge videos!

I go on lots of adventures with my brother Donut the dog, Baby Duck, littlelizard & Tiny Turtle and all of the Little Club we really enjoy our fun and games!

Check out my Modded mini games using Minecraft Mods, Custom Maps and join us on the Hypixel and Mineplex servers

My channel is 100% kid friendly, so it’s fun for all the family!

Make sure to let me know that you are enjoying my videos in the COMMENTS and by leaving a LIKE, I really appreciate all the help.

The Little Club

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Hansen Martinez says:

great vid 😘😘😘😘😘

Marissa Frantz says:

hi i love this lol baby max i like u

Baby Duck says:

We got soo scared lol

Demencia Aydogdu says:

yay new video I love you're video is so cool amazing nice

Angel ' Fnaf fan says:

Omg awesome video I love it very much and I'm a really big fan of you and I love your videos and all of you guys are awesome!!!

domtendo fan says:

Kep it up with your channel you are awsome 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Adalia Sahmanovic says:

Love it❤️

Ainsley Munga says:

I like your vid keep up the great work

Jazzy m says:

Awesome video keep up the good work

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