Minecraft – How To Build A Fish Tank

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Minecraft – How To Build A Fish Tank! Today I’m going to be showing how to build a nice and easy Fish Tank for Minecraft, which will look great in your houses and better than the standard fish tanks you are used too.This is going to new series where I am going to be showing tutorials on how to build alot of nice & cool things around your house in Minecraft. All of the episodes in this tutorial series will be quick and easy tutorials and all the builds will still look great. If you have any questions about this Minecraft Fish Tank tutorial or have a Minecraft Fish Tank design of your own please feel free to put it in the comment section down below. Also I would like to give a Big thanks you to Epica for working with me with this Minecraft Fish Tank Design. I hope you enjoy the tutorial of Minecraft – How To Build A Fish Tank 🙂

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Title ► Minecraft – How To Build A Fish Tank


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Juan Texis says:

how to baild the bigest fish tank

Nerdy Weirdness says:

You could Also throw the fish into the bigger one and they will spin around and look like the are swimming

Victoria Clarkson says:

Make a portal to heaven

Fardeen Shahid says:

make a laser beam door

Queen Bee2004 says:

How to Build Lucky Blocks without mods

animal Benn says:

u should bild some animals

The Minecraft boy says:

play mario bros man. on the wii.

Eva Urcino says:

Awesome ❤️

Brooke mickel says:

I really like this fish tank with the 5×7 but how do you put the fish into it, i don't understand?

PINK Tiger93 says:

thank you for the fish tank idea I haven't even thought of anything like this

Milana Savchenko says:

Hi could you build a mansion with everything you made

Everett Davis says:

do any one play minecraft on xbox one

rena mcdaniel says:

how to build a dj stand

Nicholas Rambaran says:

Biggs could you please bring back lets build and maybe do a tut series for the modern mountain house in kk season 1

Cookiecrunch03 says:

I want (NEED) moarrrrr!

_Angelica _ says:

How to build chandeliers or dog houses

Ethan Murphy says:

What was the seed of your 'Let's build' server, Biggs?

Dynamic “DG” Gamer says:

do more server tours

Haley Brown says:

I think how to build a small but not to small cool manchine plz also when is another minecraft serios coming out its been so long 🙂 :0


U can also get pains and drop fishes in they despawn but looks better also u put water in

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