Minecraft – How to build a hotel tower

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Minecraft Tutorial on how to build a huge hotel tower.
This modern skyscraper will fit perfectly to your Minecraft city.

Shock Frost – Minecraft Buildings


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Pearlshipping Forever says:

I got confused when you change at the direction you show at the start

Andrea Sculthorp says:

Hey people, I'm one of those people in the comments who just wanna share a tip for Minecraft😘
If you want to get one of those HUGE oak trees, surround the sapling (that you have to place you can't just throw it onto the floor) by dirt in a diamond shape and an oxeye daisy on one of the dirt blocks. Then use bone meal. It might not work for you but it worked for me. BTW it only works with oak. …wow this was long, have a nice day peeps, thanks for reading

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Sandra Coscia says:

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