Minecraft – How To Build A Secret Fireplace Entrance!

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Minecraft – How Build A Secret Fireplace Entrance!

Thought Id show you guys how to build this working secret fireplace entrance from my woodland mansion transformation video!

Stay tuned for part II of the interior coming up soon & a big thank you for helping me surpass 400,000 subscribers!!! =]

See you next time!


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General Grievous says:

Can could you try to make a Skyrim world

Jonathan Smith says:

It's cute that he thinks this is a lot of redstone lol to most redstone skilled people this is child's play but we also suck at building like he does so it pretty balanced

Mitzuki Dragon says:


CJ -GamerFrikiArt- says:

hello Mr Jera, I just found you chanel and OMG, I already love all your tranformations, is really epic and cool <3

I have a question, do you transform structures that can be found only in Vanilla Minecraft? or someday you will transform structures from mods? like a Lich Tower and a Ice Palace from the Twiligth Forest dimension mod? 🙂

The dope Minecraft player says:

I used it in my castle map for Unspeakablegaming!!

Harald Turøy Hansen says:

You should do a collaboration with "MumboJumbo"

Karrigan says:

pls more tutorials again

Dan Lake says:

Punch more doors jeracraft

JuketheDuke JTD 7384 says:

Jeracraft…doing Redstone ?… Someone go get mumbo jumbo

Claire K says:

I built it!

Diss Central says:

I wonder when he's going to do the 2nd part of the woodland masion.

Borach McTeague says:

Bookmarked this one to review it when I'm ready to spruce up my base! Thanks for this one! And you should punch more cows.

Carlos Murphy says:

Notifications: Jeracraft uploaded a new video.
Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ox8VtreWl5Q

Rodante Allanigue says:

well he may be a builder, and learned all the redstone funtions by studyinghow it works
just like me, and i even know how to use command block

Angel Perry says:

Hi JC! I love your videos
:D. :b

Zek zeon says:

Neat building Jeracraft.

I would love to see your take on a gate for a town set to open and close with the sun, open during the day closed at night.

Selina Russell says:

PLEASE make a tutorial of making a Dragon like the end you rebuilt and Dragon statues!

Иван Павличко says:

I just read your nick like JERKcraft

QualityFilms says:


starboycam47 says:

Tricky redstone? I LAUGH IN YOUR FACE

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