Minecraft – How To Build A Skyscraper in 40 Seconds

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A guide to the clone command in minecraft

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Timlike Eattime says:

I play on ps4

DettaEve Q.Q says:

you build such cool stuff :0 funny though 🙂 there's always so many awesome stuff in the background but you don't even talk about them like, oh yeah this is just my super cool world ya know no big deal 😀 lol (O_O)

TheUnknown Gamer says:

I didn’t learn anything really confused

JΛI says:

how do you get cords on screen

Bomor says:

"How to make a skyscraper in 40 seconds"

His video is like

"How to make a video on something that takes 40 seconds 12 minutes"

Memelord 9001 says:

Hey iboxytoycat if you want to type faster you can plug a keyboard into your xbox and the buttons work but you can't control games.

T-Fyre says:



i thought he said:"How to build a giant space creeper in 20 seconds"

Jyminaurus Phoenix says:

I assume this works on PC too, yes?

Lily Zek Party says:

I know how speed the video

Luke Whitsell says:

Damn doesnt work on switch edition

Nahida Niazi says:

you talk to much

Fire Forger says:

dude slow down, you talk really fast and it’s really hard to understand what you’re saying

Ilove Taylorswift says:

You speak too fast!

Anthony Bryant says:

Toycat one question how do you put the command menu up because I don’t know how to

Elezer_ Jefferson says:

Structure Block can't used to in pocket edition ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

Epicsupercat 42 says:

How do you copy commands

Sunrise says:

Does it work for ps4

RandomStuff-Pokemon and Minecraft says:

Well you can't clone more than 32k blocks so you can't clone your whole skyscaper

thepap 000 says:

“40 seconds ? But the video is 12 minutes fake news!” Kid who hasn’t even watched the video

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