Minecraft How to Build a Tree House in Minecraft | A Giant Tree Village Tutorial | Epic Lets Build

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I build the Giant Tree freehand block by block a couple of weeks ago, you guys wanted a Minecraft Treehouse in it… well how about a Whole Tree Village? All Freestyle! No World Edit or MCEdit

In todays video we are freestyling again… and making a huge tree village in the Giant Tree we made together a few weeks ago. I show you how to make a treehouse in minecraft, then another, then another!

Everything you could need in a village, up a Giant tree. this minecraft Treehouse is awesome and looks great too! You could easily live up there either in solo or on a server with friends

This block by block lets build shows you how to make a Giant Treehouse village in Minecraft. You could easily transform it into a jungle treehouse or another type of tree town… however you wanted!

This Minecraft Lets Build adventure gives you the transformation of the Giant minecraft tree into a superb place to live

The Giant Custom Tree video is here:
How to make a giant tree in minecraft:

This Minecraft Lets Build video will show you how to build a giant treehouse in Minecraft using a very few different types of blocks, and we will do it freehand with absolutely no planning. A freestyle Minecraft video on how to build a Giant Tree house, like the Avatar Tree, the Home Tree in Avatar…. kind of!

No World Edit no MCEdit
Block by block placement

A Minecraft tutorial amongst my playlist of freehand Minecraft videos.

How to build a HUGE tree village in Minecraft – this Minecraft tutorial will show you how.

Let you imagination take you to you goal with this Freestyle Minecraft Lets Build. This freehand design, which I make up as I go along, will give you something to make your friends go WOW!

Continually looking and checking and seeing what works, using proven techniques and developing new styles gives great results.

This Minecraft tutorial shows you how to build a giant tree without planning and gives you a superb result

Works on Console (XBox & Playstation). Works on MCPE. Works on Pocket Edition and Works on PC

A Family Friendly video, no swearing
Child friendly minecraft video

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No Music
just a Giant Custom Tree with a tree house

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Minecraft is a creative building game created by Mojang.

The game was made famous by creators like Dan TDM The Diamond Minecart, Stampy, PopularMMOs, Captain Sparkles, Ssundee and LDShadowLady & many more – all great YouTubers who play this Minecraft game
Redstone geniuses like Fed X Gaming, Mumbo, Seth and Xisumavoid also make this game great


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Mazuru The Gamer says:

i'm just gonna jump across the leaves whispers at the moment obviously because i'm a bit like Tarzan lol XD 26:33

BizzyBoyBeats says:

Sweet baby cheeses, that thumbnail got me like :O

Richard Hodge says:

Very cool tree village, you have given me several ideas and now I can have fun building. I agree with T Beam we need a Ravine village. Also what is the status on the Blaze farm tutorial? I have been waiting. I have been checking out several ideas but I like yours that you did in survival.

T Brem says:

Nice build, Avo. Now I kinda want to see what you can do with a ravine village, houses and other such things spanning up and down, back and forth along the length of a ravine.

DiamongGaming says:

Hey Avomance I would like to invite you to my server. It's gonna be Vanilla minecraft. Please add me to talk about it. Discord DiamongKingIII #1404

Darren Coulson says:

the original build reminded me of the faraway tree from the book the enchanted forest Avo…any chance of adding mrs wash-a-lot and moonface

Angel Ripoll says:

Such an amazingly awesome and fun build, thanks for sharing with us! There must be some jealous Ewoks out there. I'm glad you swapped those spruce wood spots with jungle wood. I was wondering if I was the only one that thought they looked out of place 🙂 I really love that glowstone/trapdoor bridge (@ 29:35) between the viewing platform/armory and the little living area, that is wonderful.

The Gaming Dragon says:

Now we need this in avomancia, just joking but love the design

Gamer zilani says:

its awesome

Nomad TV says:

Avo I have a challenge for you and others, and I've been trying to do this by watching no tutorials hehe. Here's the challenge: An over world afk mob grinder that denies spiders from spawning and favors endermen. Obviously we'd get any other 1 block monsters in that but denying the spider spawn is what I've been toying with. I'm using tons of packed ice and sticky pistons and pressure plates on mine. Ridiculously expensive mob grinder lol, can't decide whether to call it the deep freeze or the ice cycle, I slapped a snowman in there too haha. I put it up HIGH, probably my highest thing to date. My mine cart hopper floor starts above the cloud line haha. Started it yester day and got 9 ender pearls thus far but this morning I found 2 spider string in my chest, NOOOOOOOO

Stanley Pantin says:

Great are your building skills, greater is your imagination. Keep building and we will keep watching 🙂

Reflector_10 says:

Awesome build. If you can please turn on fancy graphics in video settings! Thanks.

PxG NoVa says:

Build a traditional British country Manor House please that will be awesome. 😀 #Leftalike

Aubree Cook says:

I’m so sad 😭😣

Aubree Cook says:

I play on my phone and I don’t know how to get java edition

Aubree Cook says:

I cant play:(

Troll Face says:

One Word: Incredible

Lee Daniel says:

this is so cool

Tonying Villanueva says:

Sorry about not commenting on the past vids because i was busy anyways i respect the ways you make videos i hope in the future your channel will grow bigger and bigger that's all for now goodbye avomance.

Оливер Дрейер says:

Could you try to build a communication tower? I want to build one in QuarryCraft and I want to see your ideas!

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