Minecraft: How to Build an Italian Villa – Tutorial ( EPIC MINECRAFT MANSION ) interior

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Minecraft: How to Build an Italian Villa – Tutorial
In today’s video i teach you how to make a big house in minecraft, this is not just any house, this is an italian mansion tutorial but it could pass as a Spanish house tutorial!

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● Texturepack: FlowHD
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Kid friendly, no swear ( EPIC MINECRAFT MANSION )



U should thanks for keralis

Izabela Golec says:

Could you do a modern shop or something? 😉

Ray Eliakim Samillano says:

If i had that house i would totaly mess with it????

Prince Dragon says:

Honestly I loved the tutorial, I decided to build it in the mountains! XD

Element E! says:

ya this is better than me… Its pretty obviouse

Arize - Agar says:

I got a lot of inspiration from this, Thanks!


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Nice video dude keep doing what you're doing mate ??

Yahir Garcia says:

Nice decoration

Bianca Anderson says:

I love this build it is big, has a nice design, blocks used, different buildings, detail, and my favorite the courtyard and the gardens. As always keep up the amazing work 😀

MintyGaming says:

who else is just going to spam the comments just for the download Link?

Latetarya Spell says:

Balls I love balls

Chris Macgregor says:

Bro when will you be getting Xbox

Valentina Blackhawke says:

As a (useless) builder in Minecraft, I want to give a huge thank you, A1mostaddicted, you've given me ideas, to help me slightly improve, to all sorts of cool designs. You're an amazing builder, and you deserve so much more subs, and views, your guides are very easy to follow, even for someone who's slow like me, find your videos amazing, and very fun to watch. Thank you for being so amazing.

Mazarguil Bastian says:

Do a block for block

Lucas Foster says:

Awesome house it's the best

Mighty Groot says:

Make a guardians of the galaxy volume 2 air ship

Mighty Groot says:

Almostaddicted minecraft you are fucking awsome 😀

Mighty Groot says:

Shut up you fat fucking shit giffin 22

Jaiden Thies says:

I have the perfect seed to put this house on
And yeah white fence would be amazing, I think they should add flint blocks. Like there's not much use for flint but if they made a block for it and made it Metallic looking and possibly a block that you can burn forever or something

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