Minecraft | HOW TO FIND CHUNKS | NO CHEATS!!! | Bedrock Edition Tutorial

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Easy way to Find Chunk Boundaries in Survival Minecraft – NO Cheats!

This Minecraft Tutorial shows you How To Find Chunk Boundaries in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft in Survival without Cheats.

It also explains why it’s important to know where the Chunk Boundaries are and offers some handy information about how Chunks work.

This is important for Mob Spawning, Trees and Plants Growing, Redstone Contraptions and much more…

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Thank you all for watching my Minecraft YouTube let’s play survival series videos and I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them.

– Foxy No-Tail 🙂


D See money says:

makes sence that sucks

Megadwarf 47 says:

Now it's way easier with coordinates

D See money says:

so do mobs in thats sleep mode still count to the mob cap

Jelly Joe says:

redstone in bedrock edition? [insert cringe face here]

Cuber Bronz says:

Wow this soooooo helpful thanks I subscribed to u

thatdearguy says:

According to Gnembon it's not a chunk boundary. He says there's a constant 64 block distance limitation to Bedrock Edition redstone. So you're not finding the edges of chunks, you're just 64 blocks away from wherever you have your redstone circuit.


Nathan W says:

If you do F3 + g on Java edition, it'll show you the chunks :O

Eddy Hall says:

Thank you very much!!!

Homer Lol says:

Hi, this is a very helpful video, but there is something that I don't understand.
You showed us that mobs in this version that are at a distance more of 4 chunks they enter a "sleep" mode, this affects the mob cap?

Sham Wow says:

if the mobs go into sleep mode when you're 40 blocks or more away vertically, would mobs not spawn any further than 40 blocks away vertically? essentially the question I'm asking is can I, theoretically, build a mob grinder from bedrock to sky limit and have mobs spawn on all the platforms regardless of what Y level I'm standing?

Troy Schoen says:

That's really useful! I'm sure if you replace the lantern with a glass block, the glass block will disappear when you get to far. I don't know if this works or not, I'm just guessing

James David says:

This was a very helpful video thank you

김범준 says:

Thank you. It's very helpful !

Owen fozzie says:

Omg you have 2k already you are doing so well
Well done keep up the good work

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