Minecraft: How To Install The New Texture Pack (Resource Pack) Tutorial

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Minecraft Tutorial Playlist ► http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEB388783144C45A8
This tutorial will show you how to download and install the new resource pack from Mojang.

Minecraft: A Look At EVERY New Texture (Resource Pack)

Download the texture pack here:

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Ghost says:

The new textures are a lot nicer than the old ones …they only hurt my eyes more but whatever:3

Yärnn Somers says:

I like most of the new textures, but there are some textures that I don't like.

UsernameGeri says:


The_MTF_Fox says:

How did you get your hermitcraft base on the title screen background?

MasterBuilder 0B says:

I think half of the textures are bad and half of them are fine … like if you agree

Noot Koop says:

Wow it's not as bad as I thought

wufex says:

I will mostly use a default old texture pack. but that might make some builds ugly due people using the new pack

Hair says:

Really Xisuma? Texture pack tutorials? I thought you were better than this cheap and easy style of content. I have to say, I'm disappointed in you.

jannes devesse says:

I really don't get it


Why Windows 7??????

Anıl Karaşah says:

It looks so cartoony. Doesn't fit the style of Minecraft, i guess.

IceMetalPunk says:

I had to open up Minecraft and check the creative menu to figure out what that baked potato was… it really needs better shading.

SpookyPotato says:

xisuma still on windows 7

Tinfoil Chef says:

started to watch out of curiousity but had to stop… FOV was WAY too high and motion sickness is real

Mr. Spriken says:

Thanks X, you're the best!

Mr xenocat says:

The diamond armor is more green than blue

CK says:

the way he says tutorial hahahaha


Sadiction says:

Its just bad.

David Lee says:

i dont like that they try to make everything look better this will ruin the game!

TotallyBonkerz says:

These textures will only affect me if faithful redoes their textures to match this more

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