Minecraft: How To Make A Modern House In 10 Minutes TUTORIAL!

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Jeero Salenga says:

One block challenge like if you agree

[Noob] Katute Player says:

Can you Play Prototype and Skywar
In MC.Hypixel.Net

unicorn unique23 says:

Hello jerry and harry ,so im here to umm tell you guys something :
– on the itsjerryandharry channel ,on one video called "500k subscriber special and blah blah blah" ,at 1:55 i saw a reflection of Harry's face

JellyBean Films says:

Please do another Fartlands episode

Funneh fan says:

JerryvsHarry your the best builders I ever seen and keep up the good work

Dr.BlueBly D.L says:

Doo only dirt challinge in bild battle

Bruce Iaukea says:

you also sound like the same

Dylanvillian79 says:

Only undead challenge don't show my user name if you choose this comment by the way it's for a build battle

Bruce Iaukea says:

you mean 7 minutes to make right?

Nayla Fara says:

I dont know what to ceomment but i feel like i want to comment but i dont know what to so i write this. Im sorry u just wasted like 2 second reading this

Zan box says:

I just gonna make my modern house like this in real life

Zan box says:

Yea boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Now I can make my modern house

leevi palokangas says:

Im not rasict fucking niga

TheWolfParadox says:

I wonder who gets the ad revenue

Gintautas Pppp says:

ju battle simsans house

Renz PH says:

JerryvsHarry if you hit 1 million subs, do face reveal(like if you agree)

Dean Harvey Diano says:

JerryvsHarry can you make jake paul's house

Leis Hasan says:

ini bagus sekali

Dacio Devlin says:

Jerry and harry. Make interior in house. It make even modern

Ashbringer says:

Can you make soccer stadium????

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