Minecraft – How to make a Portal to CANDY LAND!! (No mods)

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Today I teach you guys how to make a portal to candy land in minecraft! Drop a like and tell me what you think :’)
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Jack Swisher says:


Themanshaft G says:

It didn't work know give me all your money

DMBAwsomeGaming says:

Must Be A Mod

Fangirl 11105 says:

#Doni's toothbrushes

Lance Ware says:


ShadowXxCrusher I will crush you says:

#bonis toothbrush

Silvana Van Nunen says:

It dint work haha

Avary Slayton says:

I tried it but it did not work for me I guess Minecraft hates me

Kayla Thompson says:

it didn't work

Adana Kane says:

eat toilet paper Donnie

Mr pickle Master says:

Me lee had a pee peeeeeeeeeeee

Lynx Of Lightning says:

skittles blue pack

Lynx Of Lightning says:

skittles blue pack

Ashaunti Taylor says:

I can't believe you said that

Ashaunti Taylor says:

I can't believe you said that

BeautyGeek24 says:


Moises Cuevas says:


Sadie M says:

Love your intros!!! ❤️❤️

Sandra Chan says:

it fake you stupid ediot lol i number see this super super fake thing what is this mode tell me lol

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