Minecraft: How to make a Portal to Heaven – (Minecraft All Portals to Heaven)

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a tutorial showing in minecraft how to make a portal to heaven and also showing in minecraft all portals to heaven that ever existed in this game or not exactly all of them but the ones that were famous enough to count as exist anyways hope you enjoy the video

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Bryce Duran says:

why do you have flint and gold?

eliza tinuntung says:

what mincraft is that please tell me

bowser jojoman says:

2:52 was man funny

Adnan Bintory says:


dRei Lumba says:


dRei Lumba says:

This is so funny and i love the video!😂

Analis Castillo says:

your so funny

Post Malone says:

So cool it worked

Desh on youtube says:

"That ever existed in this ever"

Annie says:

If you ask me, that's a paradise!

Selma Alika says:

Aser gaming do you come from ind

Optikbintang Bintang says:

omg 😄😃

Alexandru Petrescu says:

and the ether as well

Alexandru Petrescu says:

i have the old aether dimension mod

BodkerGaming says:

Can you do it on ps4?

ma sheila j tady says:

speakable chapie me too

BenjaminTubeHD Gaming says:

Can you make the end portal

Joe Foggin says:

does this work on ps3??

Joe Foggin says:

does this work on ps3??

G gamer says:

its real work

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