Minecraft: How To Make Terracotta Block Art Designs

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I’ll show you how to make terracotta blocks into amazing art work designs for your Minecraft houses and builds. The new terracotta blocks will be showcased in a Minecraft art museum, showing you all the awesome possibilities for art work. Let me know what you think of the new blocks in Minecraft snapshot 17w07a 1.12 game update.

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Angel of Art says:

The Gray Terra-Cotta looks like a Cyclops with a handlebar mustache.
Scar is Right

Frankie Gregory says:

Scar is right!!! These blocks are so cool thanks for showing them off Scar <3

Margarita Martinez says:


ztrglider says:

bender. Futurama

The HernDawg says:

The purple reminds me of the Haunted Mansion wallpaper

The HernDawg says:

# scar is right

iesha7marie says:

Scar's right, the face looked more like a monster to me than the one you thought but i guess that's perception

Robstar says:

This is a very refreshing look on things, as most people aren't too enthusiastic. But you're right! It brings lots of possibilities!
I don't play snapshots myself, but I'm really curious how these blocks blend with other blocks. For example: Can you use other black blocks as a floor and then put four black terracotta blocks in the center? Will that look good?

S Iyer says:

mumbo has left Minecraft

Jaimie Lynn says:

I was waiting for someone to use these in a video. Glad to see the master builder trying them out.

SkiiBoSkii OG says:

I can't wait to see what you do with these new blocks. I swear you're the Bob Ross of Minecraft. Creative and relaxing.

Ben_ says:

scar is right! :)

iomoon says:

Think of how you can make a giant Jellie with those blocks!

Eric Larsen says:

Scar is right. But… Scar, I was hoping you would be the first I would see mixing the different colored terra cottas to make designs instead of just exploring monochrome combos.

Charlton Hlibok says:

scar is right

Nomekop 777 says:

14:50 is it from Futurama

Bryce Eichelkraut says:

Scar is right

Z Gamer says:

Scar is right

burnoutgirl rox says:

scar is right

Josiah Taylor says:

Scar is right!

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