Minecraft: How to make working TROLL TNTs

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A minecraft command block tutorial that will show you how to create troll TNTs that never explode! You can use them to troll your friends 🙂
Enjoy the video!
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Marco Antonio Babilonia Gomez says:

your videos also come in Chinese


altermetax says:

1:58 "boom" typical italian expression xD
TheRedEngineer si nota che sei italiano lol

Gerben van Soest says:

you dont need the command that kills the armorstand when tnt is activated because primedtnt is entity not block so you only need the command that kills armorstand if there is air

isnadz 75 says:

Hey Red, Can You Make Some Working A Drum Only One Command Block

Anastasiu David Nicolae says:

red i have an idea to do with command blocks

how to make working computers
that you can type letters on them…

McTimmyLP says:

That's great! I just LOVE your command creations, and this one is really cool!
As a variation, is it possible to make TNT that will explode normally but not destroy any blocks anyway?

Tuule Tensing says:

cool idea:) people look help tnt us here 100000000 year later, heeeeeelp is never explode tell notch and notch drop waterbucket and go away good troll idea but im not use to IM not need

Mer Layson says:

throwing fire ball plsssssssssssss!!!

Mer Layson says:

fireball power

Mer Layson says:

throwing fire ball

Mer Layson says:

minecraft how to throe fireball

crazycraftergaming 3 says:

Red pls pls create a working iPhone,sry if it's abit to much to ask,u don't have to if its to much

Luca Castenetto says:

ma tu sei in genio….. chi avrebbe pensato a teletrasportare i uovo sotto terra cioè nel vuoto

Css73 says:

good video . sorry for the YouTude trouble :)

Zombiehand OFFICIAL says:

im just gonna say im only subscribed to know when to comment that the lego command doesnt work for me and need it fixed

Irok 121 says:

Now that's trolling. Too bad it isn't 1.5, which is where I LAN and troll

MCPCMC says:

Make the spawn eggs have EntityTag and make them invisible and silent.

MetalPower Tours says:

love youre commands to make cool thinghs

Rick Hamburger says:

Can you make a working rubiks cube?

Johny_the_gamer Yiannis says:

Could you make a video of the most important commands to help users of minecraft please? I'm a big fan of you

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