Minecraft How To – Parkour!

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Minecraft How To – Parkour like a BEAST!
Watch carefully as we display our creative building talents in the realm of Minecraft Parkour!

Hope you enjoyed – and if you did please give the video a thumbs up!
Much luv!

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thio christine says:

666 likes?! Illuminati confirmed

Aurora Light Storm says:

That poor cow.

Andrew Nelson says:

Much meme much wow

Deuce Hamlim says:

ha this is how to cow core

falcongames _ says:

Why was it muted?

Michael Heiserman says:

More How To's- like How to Minecraft?

Kaiki Piena says:

Next time, think u should
Use redstone and a end traps in your parkour?

ahmad mohammad says:

your parkour was better +Bajan Canaidian

Minecraft King77 says:

Cmon guys subscribe fast and get him to 5 million subs!!!

Ramiel Albazi says:


Traci Klugiewicz says:

ich is the best

Siron Destroyer says:

The easiest way to do the ladder parkour is to dont let go of crouch while jumping

Brayden Huepenbecker says:

Mich wins

Red says:

I though Mitch won in how to build a house?!

The Bajan Canadian232 says:

The three of you is the best!

Tasha Korn says:

I think jromes was the best. Sorry benjan

Safwan Alzam says:

Jerome is 0/10:)

Josh Green says:

#YOLO  hahhahah

sillydaddy100 says:

Actually Mitch wasn't cheating he said there is only ONE rule make sure the parkor is possible. Nothing about world edit.

Brocode Productions says:

IRS was best

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