Minecraft – HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON – Dragon Vs Werewolf [5]

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Minecraft -HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON- Dragon Mounts Mod
How to Train your Dragon Playlist : http://bit.ly/HowDragon
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In this series we must raise and train up our dragons. There are also Vikings along the way that will give us challenges in which we can win rewards, finally we must defeat the big evil dragon!

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Desta Poesponegoro says:

good ivy

Gina Gentry says:

what mods are u using?

Destroyers with Swagger says:

Your next dragon should be named spooks and be a ghost dragon

Nahid Uzzaman says:

what is the name of this game?

wishbird_k90 plays says:

the book shelves are only in the libariry's those long building that go side to side.
sand temple only spawn near vilages somtimes

wishbird_k90 plays says:

you past a doungeon in the sand you could see a square hole in the sand

Sheepdog83 says:

yes from holly

Suzannah Pearce says:

why not try putting the horse armor on the dragon?

butterfly says:

you guys should get some Dragon armer

Aughbreigh Graham says:

Did you know if you mate the dragons you can get a egg

Terri Adams says:

i like it

Alison Jessop says:

Area nine is ampokemon, yes?

Ashley Mendez says:

how do you now it's a girl or boy

Elie girl says:

I love movies of how to train your dragan

M Snavely says:

I love youtube..
But why does everybody either spell words wrong or not use caps? Or use it ALL the time?
I don't know..Probably.

Fatmata Yatim says:

little lizard you are so funny

Ryan Ferguson says:

hi dragons

Jeff Walsh says:

I think why they did not put Dragon armor is cause it comes from dragons and it will make you want to kill your Dragon and cause it would be the best armor!!!!!!!

ethansmommy012607 says:

you need 1 dimond for enchantment table

Kaitlin Henderson says:

you need one

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