Minecraft – HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON – Learning how to fly [4]

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Minecraft -HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON- Dragon Mounts Mod
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In this series we must raise and train up our dragons. There are also Vikings along the way that will give us challenges in which we can win rewards, finally we must defeat the big evil dragon!

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Christopher hester says:

you need gold swords

Mae Flores says:

i like tour videos

Phoenix Dunphy says:

you guys should come to Canada

Jayla Joyner says:

You to are being mean because you to have dragons

Roen Staab says:

I love your videos please make more it would be the best thank you

Joan Alejo Salcedo says:

can you guys watch my vid

Becky Howe says:

You are the best person

Becky Howe says:

You are the best person

wishbird_k90 plays says:

you know you can have a pet snake and pet ostich right?

Rowan Keenan says:

l really like your video my name is Rowan lam a big fan of you too.?☺

Richard Clarke says:

do pixelmon island 3.0 please☺

Krystal Millsom says:

Little lizard and tiny turtle I whatch back you dragons video you should have put down the snake egg and so you could have pet snakes

Swipia aceHeart says:


Taliya Abdulwahab says:

if you get a ather dragon call it sky ;] like If you agree

Taliya Abdulwahab says:

hey yea liitle lizard was at that cave I remember the video

Taliya Abdulwahab says:

oh don't stop this series guys ;]

jordan sullivan says:

dantdm has his a commercial on TV

Perla Sagaral says:

name your new dragon

Joshua Grimes says:

get all the dragons pls play McCain's pixel net and join my party

Yolanda Pulido says:

dude what is a mineshat?

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