Minecraft How To Train Your Dragon – WE FOUND A NIGHTFURY?

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Minecraft How To Train Your Dragon – WE FOUND A NIGHTFURY?
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Aaron Brown says:

Dragon nation

Ashy B212 says:

The ghost nation

Ashan Rahul says:

Your nation can be called ultimate rainbow dragon heaven

Abdullah usmani says:

can you please send a video tomorrow

Quantity Gaming says:

All nation's

Nicola Cavanagh says:

Ghost nation.

Lucie Bradshaw says:

blast nashen

Swagpanda Master says:

call your nation the all dragon nation

superherotiger Tiger says:


Aine Niland says:

Light nation

Scarlet Henrikson says:

At 23:19. Were you allowed take down there tree TT? Because I thought they were a peaceful area, so they would be peaceful to the environment too.

cool cat says:

# rainbow nation

Ibrahim Ali says:

Earth nation

Louie West says:

The water nation

Apple sauce plays says:

dragon nashon because you have different kinds of dragons

Scarlet Henrikson says:

At 21:26, all you can see is your hand, the map, your health bar, your hunger bar, AND SCUBA STEVE'S FACE lol 😂😂😂😂

Iulian Hali says:

I llove how to train your dragon make more vids pls

Apple sauce plays says:

dragon nashon

Muhammad Mangera says:

Dark nation

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