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Keilame123 Valle says:

Scuba steve is better then little carly ewww

James Goldman says:

scuba kelly

Fernando Amaya says:

Scuba carly or scuba kelly

Jasmine Ayon says:

AHHHH Scuba Steve and little kelly!!! But what about carly….

Rollie Layones says:

Who Miley Who will you love please not Scuba Steve so Scuba Steve can Go with LC or LK ???

Juan Manjarrez says:

Come on little kelly

Rafael Esquivel says:

Look ss I now you lk are dating but I need you to dump lk because because.The reason ropo is here is because ally dumped him and now ropo and lk are dating and you got in the way.Not to menton you betrayd ropo your best friend. I thought you wre beter then that

Barry Gilbank says:

Ropo??Little Kelly

MommaGuin87 says:

I am on team donny

Lily-Rose Ann Dunn-Mills says:

Going to get with who, such a cliff hanger

DJ Frog-X says:

OooooOooo do I see something going on with little Kelly and scuba Steve ??

Gaby roblox name:usergabby29 says:

wow scuba steve… looks like you have found love…..with little kelly …. how are you going to tell ropo XD

ErlainePretty Chaeyoung says:

17:39 hahaha I just laugh and laugh but love your video scuba and I hope u and little carly will have cutest couple again?

Little Ari says:


Zachary Voos says:

Miley's voice sounds just like Cassie the Cat's voice don't you guys think like if you agree please.

4blupandas says:

17:38 Does anyone else love the "OMG" when LK said that they should keep it a secret?

4blupandas says:

The guy talk is much more interesting and funny than the girl talk!

GamerPrince PLAYZ!! says:

Is scuba Steve sharky, because like it kinda sounds like him a bit

Raul Morales says:

Go scuba he tries to help his friend sharky

Dylan Campbell says:

Scuba Steve you and ropo should team up and beat up little stupid Donny

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