Minecraft – How to make a Portal to REAL LIFE!! (No mods)

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Minecraft – How to make a Portal to the REAL LIFE!! (No mods)
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TheDuckRevanger says:

potatoes are cool

Max Durnell says:

go back to vanilla minecraft

Jacob Wetherell says:

Potatoes are cool

Rachel Coote says:

this is just FAKE

oakgamer 69 says:

Potatoes are cool

Emma Majer says:

you can see it is sooooo fake

Ido Oron says:


UltraRagloran says:

i think he just made the obsidian texture sandstone and then lit it.

LadyIrene _MCD134 says:

This is a mod….


JK I'm forever alone;-;

Ripple says:

it so fake omg

Sam Jones says:

potatoes are cool

Luli_usa says:

It's not real ????????

Ariana R says:

that pickaxe sells at toys r us and other stores dude _

Ko KroCko says:

its a prank hahaha

Samantha Reeves says:

What about vanoss

TheKaoticGamer15 says:

Potatoes are cool

Jodie Leigh says:

Potatoes are cool

LeonPlayspc 6784 says:

potatoes are cool

LeonPlayspc 6784 says:

potatoes are cool

girlie garnica says:

You just coztumized the obsidian into sand block so freaking easy

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