Minecraft Megalovania 1.12 Noteblock Remix

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Was bored, so I made this! #Undertale!
Original Map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxWc_ot74aw&t=34s
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Intro/Outro Music: Angry Birds Dubstep Remix by David Orton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWQA7p0n0rs


Brodo says:

name is angrybirds, makes an undertale video in minecraft. LOGIC!

MorganPlayzMC says:

I liked and subbed! Could you check out some of my videos? i would love that thanks!

Imploding Muffin says:

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CakeLegend says:

get a new intro please. a shorter and a better one

That Roblox Guy says:

Keep up the good work

Important Person says:

A Niggry Bird Steam

Homie Box says:

The exact speed for this is 0.75

A NgryBirdsTeam says:

I honestly did not expect this video to get this popular at all! Also if you are reading this, please know that I wasn't the one to make this original map. I just downloaded it and added the 1.12 blocks. I take no credit for the actual work behind this.

Minecart696 says:

This video is good if you're trying to demonstrate what the new noteblock sounds can do, but right now it just sounds like you're throwing every single instrument into the mix. Also, you should probably make it clearer that you didn't built the map — I don't think many people noticed the credit in the middle of the song.

P24p1 says:

This is awesome!

Eres Un Puto says:


AwesomeMax says:

thank you for those new noteblock creations i will make a playlist of those soon.

Enrique Zuniga Jr. says:

OMG! That is amazing! I can't imagine you put a lot of work and effort into making this! This is amazing! I love it! Keep up the great work, Nathan! 🙂

Corpora1Bird says:

Look at the feedback! talented work!!!

Mine Sport says:

The rhythm is not right. It sounds not so good.

TheYellowBunny says:

did you built that?
wow, i gotta say you are really good at note blocks!
but in my opinion, you should've had to add more tics to the repeaters 😉
other than that, it's


D.L flare gamer says:

keep up the good work

MilkyWayz says:

Map download?

lalotheplay3r says:

wow, thats amazing! please do more of these in the future, i love them ^o^

Dreadlox The Gamer says:

you deserve way more subs! keep up the good work!

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