Minecraft Monday Show 83 – Minecraft Studio MURDER!

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Siempie Triple Two says:

If i spawn i want a Plains biome! I love building and a plains biome looks
the best!

Gochicken98 says:


tom king says:

Huge angled mountains with ice on top

Sashoka100 says:

very cool video

Schmidty8898 says:

Did anyone notice the missing things?

Nayrb Namlleh says:

Extreme hills

EnderMiner75 says:


scotthm says:

need a massive extreme hill biome, they’re my favorite 😀

Oscar Castillo says:

an npc villiage. Gotta have those carrots if you want to race!!lol

Jim Furman says:

No Kidding

GizzakOlden says:

XD brilliant. Also my seed must: Village!. Small to allow for custom
upgrading, smithy in it. And open space around to allow for easy wall
construction and expansion.

Zane Simpson says:


ItstheeDaniel says:

I think, having more decorations would be a good idea?

jonboxerify says:

TREEES did does not matter all you need is tree

WhiteKnight Productions says:

to be able to chose to biome you start in in creative

HordrensLand says:

An extreme hills biome.

Rasta Panda says:

spawning on a beach is nice

J-Day says:

comment for the contest and for you bro

FaKe Silva says:

I will spawn ne’er to a swomp to get wichis

Minecraftman8798 says:

Diamonds right away

Nasty Vorv says:

I love this guy

gobackinthekitchen says:

i like seeds close to diamonds 😀

xDiamondkingx says:

Spawning right next to a ravine that has DIAMONDs 😀

tobi G says:

All bioms connect in one point THAT WOUD BE AWSOME

Paul Hornell says:

Epic yo!

mike sicard says:

i love seeds or places that that have a lot of animals for food and and
alot of caves, and i DONT MINE AT NIGHT!!!!! (anymore)

John Ireland says:

Nice psyduck

brady snow says:

Lava forever

AdventureEthan says:


Alejandro Javier Vazquez says:

Ravine,mineshaft,Villege and something cool

Lorenzo Pasten says:

razul, budder, fus roh dah you wach sky if you know what i mean ;D

1kili2 says:

must have for every new world you start are SHEEP those f#|(ing animals for
some reason around around when you generate a new map

john manly says:

everything you said

FormalComplaint says:

The ground… WE NEED RO LIVE

BBC Media/Turner Boardcasting (P7725) says:

Lol your things are gone

Mofo Jones says:

Having a instant house

dabigbutthead says:

I like it when I have an awesome mountain biome next to a forset

WachaooGames says:

At least he makes mondays better!

CaptainHerpyDerpy says:


Awc Tenn says:

A village

X-tinct Air says:

just some place simply awsome, LIKE THIS SEED! WA BAM! A BUNCH O’ DUGEONS,

Monkey D. Luffy says:

a seed that has a ravine with a cave that has 5 diamonds ore veins and also
has a dungeon.

TheFrozenRealm says:

Probably a huge ravine with lots of lava… and iron and stuff like that.

zazaki899 says:

Lol its all down!!!

Thehypershadow1698 says:

Village next to the two. Types of temples

Roeltje99 says:

Lol THE background

RickTroll40 says:

Bebop, your diamonds are gone 😛

lillskolda says:


sean evans says:


rustyninja11 says:

i love this show

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