Minecraft Pixelmon Dark – GETTING VOLCANION! – Episode 10

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Minecraft Pixelmon Dark with L8Games!
SPONSORED by Poke-Brawl! Server IP: play.poke-brawl.com
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Minecraft Pixelmon is the Pokemon Mod in Minecraft! Pixelmon DARK is the FAN-MADE continuation of the mod! In this series we will catch NEW Pokemon, EPIC Legendary Pokemon, and battle REAL GYM Leaders on the Poke-Brawl Server!! Let’s GOOO!!! 😄

🡆 Minecraft Pixelmon Mod – Pixelmon Dark Modpack – https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/pixelmon-513-pro.1072839
🡆 Minecraft Server IP: play.poke-brawl.com

⚫ Official Poke-Brawl Discord: https://discord.gg/YMaNm2S
⚫ Poke-Brawl Website: http://www.poke-brawl.com/

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🡆 Official Pixelmon Music by Chris Geddes! Check out his channel here! – https://goo.gl/OpEbl4
🡆 Intro Song: RCKB – Enough (Felix Palmqvist Remix)
🡆 Outro Song:
Dj Quads – The Improv

Hey everyone! Welcome to L8Games, we’re two bros who make family friendly gaming videos EVERYDAY! 🙂

On this channel we play fun kid and family friendly games in Minecraft! Like Minecraft Pokemon, Realistic Minecraft, Minecraft Roleplays, and more! Subscribe to join the fun 😉


TackyDino122 says:

I love you it's my bday please respond , I know you won't but I might aswell try

Blue Dragon says:

u can get volcanion in pokemon brick bronze

Brandon Bartlett says:

I'm mad YouTube unsubbed me I was wondering why I never got notifications

VBXN / Victor And Kinogamertv says:

Mudsdale is OP Nick

Dale manning says:

Guys Hoopa is real

Lennert De Raedemaeker says:

U guys are crazy

Dominokod says:

You old intro

Jeremy Rios says:

Name volcanion volcanhoop

Pokemon Master Z says:

at the time 22:05 i looked at the bottom right hand corner i said myself building i didn't even bother to look up

Sandles Gaming says:

U the best guys

Malachi Weber says:


Jeremy Rios says:

This is my favorite series

john smith says:

l8nick Tyranitar mega evolves now 🙂

Haybert Lee says:

Y'all have been uuploading a lot of vids lol

Marowquack says:

I thought Jordan was afraid of blonde men holding axes while yelling?
Hmmm… I guess not?!

ROBLOX Gamer says:

my birthdays tomarrow

Vrishin Patel says:

hey can u get a ur noiwyvern because its my fave poke i know u have replyed to me thats what i love about this channel its not to big not to small and i reply to a solid 50% of ur fans and i like that about u guys alos been here when u hit um i wanna say 65k or 44k but u good at youtube u no bad person u da bomb.com

Noah Dinh says:

Hi L8games saw your other vid it was cool but u won nick

mage king says:

You are the Best

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