Minecraft Pixelmon Game Show! – Episode 2 – Minecraft Pokemon Mod

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Minecraft Pixelmon GAME SHOW Episode 1 with L8Games!
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Welcome to our Minecraft Pixelmon GAME SHOW! In this series, Nick and Jordan compete in LUCKY BLOCK BATTLES, TRIVIA BATTLES, POKEMON MINI-GAMES…and so much MORE! 😄

Who do you think will win? #TeamGreen 💚 or #TeamBlue 💙

More YouTube Videos!
🡆 Minecraft Pixelmon Survival – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQUnvtjQbbIs_vIjtw7VyvgtFA0_a_Sz6

We use Minecraft Pixelmon Generations in this video! It’s the Minecraft Pokemon Mod, available on the Technic Launcher!!

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🡆 Official Pixelmon Music by Chris Geddes! Check out his channel here! – https://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisGeddesMusic
🡆 Background Music:
∇ Rameses B
Youtube – youtube.com/RamesesB
🡆 Outro Song:
Deaf Kev – ‘Samurai’

Welcome to L8Games! We’re two brothers who make family friendly minecraft videos EVERYDAY!

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L8Games - Minecraft says:

Today we have the funniest quiz yet, Alolan VS Non-Alolan Pokémon, and MORE!!
The Pixelmon GAME SHOW is AWESOME!! What was your favorite part? 😋


THE GAMER123 says:

Jordan is sooooo dum

CreativeGamer8 says:

Funniest ending ever!

BritMonTeacher says:

This is my new favorite series!

William Fuller Jr says:

Who will get married first Nick or jordan

Dylan Hanbury says:

You didn't keep Pokemon

derpy poo says:

Jordan you are an ampharos is just electric its mege is eletric drogon

이권우 says:

You guys forgot to keep one Pokémon….

MC J says:

This is such a good series! 😁

Mike Williams says:

Croconaw evolves at level 30 but good video though.

The ExplosiveEnderman says:

Me and you #teamblue
You and me #teamgreen
A B only one team for me
C D and with all my honesty
You and me I just can't be this team
Me and you #TEAMBLUE

andrija arula says:

you forgot too keep a pokemon

Life of Orlando Pranks and other stuff says:


SirIronCrafted says:

Do you need an adult.. I am an adult. Ahhhhh DBZ Abridged

Craige Brown says:

Lol nick got w boofy boofy

Craige Brown says:

Wow nick was verry mad

Pauline Kinsella says:

L8games can u plz make these vids a bit shorter they are a bit to long

Danelle Vigil says:

My favorite part is the lucky blockTeam blue

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