Minecraft Pixelmon Lucky Block Island – “GIRATINA’S GREAT GIZA!!” – (Minecraft Pokemon Mod)

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Minecraft Pixelmon Lucky Block Island with L8Games!
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Welcome to Minecraft Pixelmon LUCKY BLOCK ISLAND! In this series, Nick and Jordan will explore an amazing Pixelmon Island with LUCKY BLOCKS scattered EVERYWHERE! We’ll open the blocks to get Awesome Pixelmon….and then BATTLE!!

Who do you think will win? #TeamGreen 💚 or #TeamBlue 💙

🡆 L8Games Roblox – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXdrDwRTl6CINW4NulT6uAA

More YouTube Videos!
🡆 Minecraft Pixelmon Survival – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gBpL3UeXUE
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We use Minecraft Pixelmon Generations in this video! It’s the Minecraft Pokemon Mod, available on the Technic Launcher!!

🡆 Official Pixelmon Music by Chris Geddes! Check out his channel here! – https://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisGeddesMusic
🡆 Intro Music:
∇ Deaf Kev
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/ATMDubstep
🡆 Background Music:
∇ Rameses B
Youtube – youtube.com/RamesesB

Hey everyone! Welcome to L8Games, we’re two bros who make family friendly Minecraft videos EVERYDAY! 🙂

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L8Games - Minecraft says:

Hey dudes!! Quick update about our computer probs…everything should be fixed by *Wednesday*.
So NO Pixelmon tomorrow (we'll still upload a Bed Wars we recorded earlier though), but it'll be back WEDNESDAY!

THEN we have ANOTHER NEW PIXELMON Series starting soon, hopefully Sat!!
Ya know, if Nick has a working computer by that point 😂

Riley Doggett says:

It's meh-low-ett-a

Tara Dale Ross says:

everybody watching like for more come on also best pixlemon giratina vid ever and EPIC VID also l8games I love all your vids and roblox they make me laugh

Ethan Mucciarone says:

I thought pixmon was dead

Person Someone says:

I have new stile for Jordan lava stile hahahhahha i feel evil

Ines Loria says:

do you notice that Jordan never gets a mewtwo

CreativeGamer8 says:

No video tomorrow? Aww, ok, just don't let your computer blow up please.

Ne-Que Flowers says:

yes and i am 10 and iv whost all fo your video's😀😀😀😀😔😃😃
and i subd

Barry Miller says:

Nick why did you switch your electross out because of garchomp, electross has levitate and has no weaknesses

Eneysi Oliva says:

Jordan should have lost he wanted nick to only use 2 legendaries nick was going to win bad jordan comment the same

The Epic Rhinoclarky says:

Sorry Jordan but #TEAMGREEN

Evil Chara says:

How Dare you not use Espeon?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

shuayb harris says:

Tapu lele is Mythical

shuayb harris says:

I am Loving This Series Nick And jerdin LoL

Mỹ Viện An An says:

Jordan cheat

grandgreninja TV says:

if jordan did not STOLE that accelgog he would not have won,sorry NO HATE JUST SAYING,NO HATE ON ME PLZZ

Kev Dev says:

Mel o ett a
is how u do it

Dion Abeleda says:

nick got mewtwo on every episode

Sonni Myer says:


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