Minecraft Pixelmon – “Minecraft Drama” – Episode 4

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Minecraft Pixelmon with L8Games!
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Welcome to Minecraft Pixelmon! Pixelmon is POKEMON in MINECRAFT!! 😃

In this AWESOME series, Nick and Jordan will explore an AMAZING NEW WORLD…FULL of Pokemon! 💚 💙

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🡆 Outro Music:
∇ Rameses B
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Samantha Hale says:

Don’t let people tell you stuff they are just jelly

Marchelle Brooks says:

Deblue greenwood

Flaffle the waffle says:

Name jordans slowpoke nick and nicks jordan

mysterious person no one says:


Charmander kid 2000 says:

Also i have been subscribed since day one

Ziq Smith says:

Is Nick a grown man please tell me the only way I will know is by you destroying that like button

Hilda Phillips says:

can you do a series with mini games

Polarbear18 says:

Thanks for the work out advise because I am going to the gym in a few weeks with the fam

Fire Creator says:

#teamgreen u should name your slowpoke slownick

Kaseme lewis says:

Name slowpoke SLOPY JOE

Charmander kid 2000 says:

Nicks slowbro name is bro1 and jordan slowbro namr is bro2 #BROSQUAD please like

david thurman says:

Dood there is a update on brick bronze

Greek Gamer says:

The gym was fire they wanted to make them hot headed

DragonSheep46 says:

A teacher in my sister's school threw a textbook at a student once…. She got fired xD

Rod Hawkins says:

you should call your slowpoke L8poke

dopedivertidoyguapo424 says:

How to tame your toot

Fuze says:

Name alakazam spoodini

Deoxys9000 says:

That Intro though

meria franqui says:

named one slow slow oh oh

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