Minecraft Pixelmon – “Pokemon and Stuff!” – Episode 10

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Welcome to Minecraft Pixelmon! Pixelmon is POKEMON in MINECRAFT!! 😃

In this AWESOME series, Nick and Jordan will explore an AMAZING NEW WORLD…FULL of Pokemon! 💚 💙

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Antonio Joseph says:

Name celebi gweeen

Maddox Prado says:

no sorry just a lilypup sorry

Maddox Prado says:

you missed a shinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Eric Lee says:

It’s because you don’t pay that much attention to what’s going in the battle, being too impatient.

Ben Sky dragon says:

love your vids you are the best poketubers :)(:

Waterdip says:

Oh yea btw do celarystick like if agree

Mason Griffin says:

Thank you for chosing my nickname 😄

Waterdip says:

Ramune is delish

Jeremy St.Hilaire says:

name celibi celery… do you nee to ask why? xD

Mindy Whitesmith says:

Ask Jordan to name his greninga waterninga

DDbro holo says:

Name celeby emeraldwonder

KingKawa 29 Vlogs says:

Sometimes I feel really dumb I get confused with the green greninja and think it's a grass type

dark hydra says:

Name celibe Mr cabbage

Matthew Smith says:

Make more vids

awesome alistair says:

What is the mod you gyes use

random 32 says:

Ask jordan to name his greninja to hanzo

CMkasper says:

Ved big Stone taura vores eg bos sponer

puma lives says:

Name celebi big mac

elco vaneisden says:

Munna needs to evolve you need moon stone

Ayush Ayush says:

plz make this series longer than any other series

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