Minecraft Pixelmon REBORN BATTLE! – ALOLAN EXEGGUTOR VS SHINY PANGORO – Minecraft Pokemon Mod

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Minecraft Pixelmon REBORN BATTLE! – ALOLAN EXEGGUTOR VS SHINY PANGORO – Minecraft Pokemon Mod
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Minecraft Pixelmon REBORN is a fan-made continuation of the Minecraft Pokemon Mod PIXELMON! Get ready for MORE Legendary Pokemon, Pokemon from EVERY Generation, Mega Pokemon, and MORE! LET’S GOOOOOOO 😄

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🡆 Official Pixelmon Music by Chris Geddes! Check out his channel here! – https://goo.gl/OpEbl4
🡆 Background Music:
∇ Rameses B
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🡆 Outro Song:
Dj Quads – The Improv

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Zakiyah Hussain says:

hi l8games you ARE THE BEST

pandinho says:

Its a pixelmon dark no reborn

Kostka Lai says:

You guys are the best

Nigel Jarvis says:

its PiNECKio not pinnocchio

Thomas Yang says:

Can you also play skywars?

Thomas Yang says:

Jordan,Nick, how do you download Pixelmon?

Ultimint Tuber says:

It's electric fairy
The ampharos

Awesomely Amazed says:

Great episode👍 I enjoyed it

I Am Ghost says:

Shouldn't it be Exeggcutor Vs Pangoro

Damian Rodriguez says:

L8games you should do pixelmon island dark like S5

Merylle Mc Games says:

Pinocho Or Idk Hes Nose Was MAde Out Of Wood It would Shrink And Grow Think About If Some sat On His Face And Said Tell Me A Lie …….

Dylan Banks says:

( • – •)
/ >🍟 Want my fries?

l8megamewtwox coomes says:

when you and jordan battle it makes my day

playkidii roblox says:

Please play Pixelmon like wen you had to make poke ball's

Narwhale Blast says:

Love you guys

water pumps out says:

Its not pancham its pangoro

C B says:

Can you do more bed wars please I want it to be super long please do it if you love me?

Pro Gamer says:

GO me:use smelling salts! Me:*get into league of legends and die 100 time*RAAAAAAAAAAA Me:…..IT SUPER EFFECTIVE GO ME me:*destroy computer*me:Noooooooo!my computer!!!!!!!!

Simplicity Plays says:

And I love you

Simplicity Plays says:

You use to get 1k likes now you do not

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