Minecraft Pixelmon Roleplay – JAMES GOES CRAZY. – HOENN ADVENTURES – Episode 30

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Minecraft Pixelmon Roleplay w/L8Games!
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Welcome to our Newest Minecraft Pixelmon Adventure in the Hoenn Region! In this Minecraft Pokemon Roleplay, Nick and Jordan must find out what EVIL has taken over the Hoenn Pokemon Region…and STOP IT! Will Nick and Jordan save the Pixelmon World? Or will the EVIL FORCES be too POWERFUL? Find out in this AWESOME Pixelmon Series! 🙂

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Download the Minecraft Pixelmon Mod: https://pixelmonmod.com/
Download the Minecraft Hoenn Map: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/pokemon-hoenn-omega-ruby-alpha-sapphire-remake/
Royalty Free Music by http://www.audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music and http://www.epidemicsound.com/
Official Pixelmon Music by Chris Geddes! Check out his channel here! – https://goo.gl/OpEbl4
Intro Song:
Deaf Kev – ‘Invincible’
Outro Song:
Deaf Kev – ‘Samurai’

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Ender_miner car says:

find a better team

Aarit Desai says:

Guys I love your videos but pls make them longer like 20 mins

Lenny Thomson says:

What's your guys favourite Pokemon mines shiny mega rayquaza

sultan almutairi says:

L8 games plz make your episodes longer if you aggre like this comment

Xtrm Fl4me says:

L8Games – Minecraft, You just earned a new subscriber.. ME! ?

epicgamer 11111 says:

What happened to fnaf role play I haven't seen it in s while

Luke Brehm says:

You guys rock love your videos. Nick you should have caught a Absol and called it slash jr. 🙂

Eli Moss says:

What do u do to get ur subs I need a lot of help and u guys would be a very great help

Eli Moss says:

Real nice vid and series guys keep up the good work

LilMssPanda lGaming says:

ewwww Jordan ate poop

allstargamergx Da very best gaming expert says:

l8games do escape the boss baby in rob lox plz do it i miss rob lox adventures

198505270 says:

Old Man Tom! Its Good to see you again! He's Ehs Makes me laugh!

198505270 says:

That Reminds me of magicorp! CORP CORP CORP!

198505270 says:

Jordan is silly as always Laughs

198505270 says:

Hey Nick and Jordan I been watching crafting dead its like the walking dead but in minecraft! Anyways I want u guys to get the mod and do a roleplay about the crafting dead Oh and Btw My name is Andrea I am a girl and dat intro though! Wow it was funny!



cherryl andrada says:

l8games maybe james will trick you again like the time you were with that super strong entei

Cameron Holloway says:

Make pokemon go video

Cameron Holloway says:

Make pokemon go video

Naruto Fanboy says:

It's either rikou or zapdos

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